Last week we had three horses transferred to Freedom Horse Rescue.  We are so excited for these three.  We really appreciate it when rescues transfer horses from our shelter, giving us more room to help other horses in need.

8-19-15 0


We had a group come to look for a horse to adopt.  We absolutely love people coming out to look for horses to add to their family.

8-19-15 2

They really like Tut and put a hold on him.  They are anxiously waiting for their adoption application to be completed so they can take him home.

8-19-15 3

Meanwhile Sugar was enjoying a drink out of the hose.  We always try to keep the horses sprayed off in the hot weather, we know they enjoy it.  Many times the staff also enjoy getting a little wet too.

8-19-15 4


We had this TB mare surrendered named Asia.  She is a 18 year old eventing TB.  If you would like to know more about Asia, please contact us.

8-19-15 7

Sunday we had some great adoptions.  Sombra was adopted, we are so happy for him and his new dad.

8-19-15 8

Vegas got adopted, we are so excited for him and his new mom .

8-19-15 9

They both got all ready to be loaded and off to their new home.  Many happy trails to them!

8-19-15 10

This guy was surrendered.  His name is Walker and he is a 8 year old mustang who is sweet, but he does need some finishing.

8-19-15 11 Meanwhile our staff was busy cleaning out the trailer.

8-19-15 12

We had a lady come out and donate an ice boot.  We really appreciate her gift, it is very helpful for when we get horses in with injuries.

8-19-15 13

A different lady came to the office carrying some boxes.  Whatever could be inside?

8-24-15 4She brought some Smart Pak supplements to donate.

8-24-15 5

We got different packets of muscle mass pellets, ultra pellets, digestive ultra pellets, and more.  Thank you for your generous gift!

8-24-15 6 It was Tut’s lucky day as he was getting adopted and heading home.  Look at all those huge smiles from his new family.

8-24-15 7 Sunday we had a volunteer weed eat all around our fencing.

8-24-15 8 It was a very busy day with lots of visitors.

8-24-15 9 This little girl really enjoyed meeting Freya, she is a very friendly young horse.

8-24-15 10Kirsty rode and showed Cambridge to this family, but Cambridge was a little to much for the girl.

8-24-15 11We had two goats and a sheep surrendered.

8-24-15 12

This family came out looking for a companion for their horse, and fell in love with Stormy. They loved him so much they put a hold on him and can’t wait for their application to be processed.

8-24-15 13 We had a group come out to look at our donkeys.  Lulu tried to win their hearts, but they were looking for a boy and really liked Hoss, so they put a hold on him.

8-24-15 14


We would like to thank each and every one of you who support us, both financially and emotionally.  We couldn’t do it without you!