Ocean the donkey gave birth to a beautiful little baby girl.   We have chosen her name to be Gigi from the Facebook naming game.

9-8-15 1

We had a visitor come who was interested in Brodie.  He liked him so much he put an adoption hold on him and is anxiously waiting for his adoption application to be approved.

9-8-15 2We had two moms and their babies getting adopted. They were waiting in the holding room to get loaded up.

9-8-15 3Larry helped get the adopters backed up and soon they were loaded up.  We are so happy for them.

9-8-15 3-1We had some other potential adopters come up to see our facility, they really enjoyed visiting the animals at the shelter.

9-8-15 4

Trooper was getting adopted and was heading to his new home.  He can’t wait to see what new adventures are waiting for him.

9-8-15 5This lady visited the shelter and really enjoyed meeting Walker and giving him some nice scratching. He wiggled his nose, we could definitely tell he enjoyed it.

9-8-15 6This potential adopter donated a nice horse blanket, we really appreciate it as winter is near.  It’s always great when people donate useful horse items!

9-8-15 7A family came out to meet our goats and sheep. They are interested in adopting them.

9-8-15 8

Waffle and Pancake were delivered to their new home.  They are both very happy donkeys.

9-8-15 10Vet day arrived and Freya was checking out her paper work, wanting to see what Larry had written down about her.

9-8-15 11Next was Aiden’s turn and he was also interested in what the vet had to say.

9-8-15 123 stallions received their gelding operations in our surgery room.

9-8-15 14The boys all woke up a little confused in the recovery room but we assured them they did very well during their procedures.

9-8-15 15

A semi-truck of cubes arrived, now we have a nice big pile of feed. We really appreciate all your donations to help us feed all our critters.  Each load of cubes costs about $3500 and lasts less than a month.

9-8-15 16  Honey and Johnny were hanging out together since they were getting adopted together.  We are very excited for them.

9-8-15 17-1Tawnee and Jason brought out a group of beautiful gaited Tennessee Walkers and a Spotted Saddle Horse from the Tennessee Shelter.  The total fees for horses transferred from our TN shelter to CA is $1250.  $400 adoption fee, $200 coggins and health certificate fee and $650 transporting fee.

This is Peaches, she is a 6 year old Spotted Saddle Horse who is very nice to ride, but still a little green.

9-8-15 17This is Dixie, she is a 3 year old registered TN Walking Horse.  She is also green but very well behaved and very smooth.

9-8-15 18

This is Ginger she is a 9 year old TN Walker who was shown and also has scars from being sored.  She is great to ride but needs a confident rider as she is still working through some of the memories of being shown in Big Lick shows.  She is an awesome trail horse and very smooth.  Our TN shelter staff took her on many trail rides.

9-8-15 19This is Shadow, she was brought from the TN shelter too, but she is in adoption pending already.  We are so happy that she has a great home lined up!

9-8-15 20 Tyke was getting ready to head back to Tennessee as he has a potential home waiting to meet him.

9-8-15 21Paloma’s adopter send out her vet to ultrasound her and get her all checked out before she headed to her home.

9-8-15 22This visitor really enjoyed meeting Parcey, everyone who meets him just loves him.

9-8-15 23Montana and Banner arrived at their new home and are very happy with their new family.

9-8-15 25Cambridge was delivered to her new home in Colorado.  Her new mom just loves her!

9-8-15 26


Many thanks to everyone for their amazing support.  We couldn’t do it without you!