This last week there have been many devastating fires in California. The fires are not near our shelter, but we are getting the smoke.  We cannot thank the firefighters enough who are working around the clock the get the fires put out.

9-17-15 1

Shadow, one of TN Walkers who was transferred from the TN shelter, had her potential adopter came out to see her.  It was love at first sight.

9-17-15 2She really enjoyed riding her and they really are a perfect match.  This horse was rescued at a TN auction where after the auction semi-truck loads of horses are loaded up, destined for slaughter.  We are so thankful that she has a very happy life ahead of her thanks to your support of our Auction Rescue fund.

9-17-15 3-1  Ocean, the momma donkey, was hoping to take a nap, but baby Gigi wanted to play.

9-17-15 3A nice gentleman from down the road brought us three bags of home grown apples.

9-17-15 4The horses really enjoyed their treat.

9-17-15 5Even the chickens got to enjoy the nice treat.

9-17-15 7We had some visitors come to see our shelter.  They really enjoyed meeting all the critters.

9-17-15 8Stormy had his lucky day, he was adopted! His mom was just ear to ear grinning with her new baby.

9-17-15 9We are very happy for him and his new family.  He is such a silly, friendly pony and we know he is going to have a lot of fun at his new home.

9-17-15 10We have had quite a few surrenders at the shelter, enjoy meeting them!  This is Rio, he is a 7 year old Paint who bucks and rears unexpectedly.  Due to his behavior he is unadoptable.  Thankfully Home At Last Sanctuary is willing and able to give him lifetime care at their sanctuary.

9-17-15 12This is Duke.  He is a 12 year old Quarter Horse who was surrendered with what was thought to be an allergy to flies.  He too will be transferred to Home At Last.

9-17-15 13This is Forest, he is a 1 year old Andalusian Paint.

9-17-15 14Ali is a 5 year old Arab gelding who is trained to ride, and knows dancing and side passing cues.  He is very skittish on the ground and has been sitting for awhile.  He will need a confident rider to restart him.

9-17-15 15We had some approved adopters come to look for a pony to cart train. First they played with Freya, our 3 year old Welsh.

9-17-15 16-0Then they played with Epona, our 10 year old Shetland pony.

9-17-15 16-1They really like Freya, so Freya came up to the office to fill out her paper work.

9-17-15 16-2Then we got an adoption picture.  We are very excited for Freya.

9-17-15 16-3She was a really good girl and loaded right into the trailer

9-17-15 17  Ocean and Gigi were being adopted, but before they headed home Ocean got her hooves trimmed.

9-17-15 18-0Gigi was very curious about all the interesting tools the man was using on her mom.  She is so cute!

9-17-15 18-1When it was time to go, they both hopped in the trailer and away they went.  We are very excited for mama and baby as they head out on their next adventure.

9-17-15 18Bella wanted to send a big “Eee-aaah” out to everyone for all your donations.  We know Bella and all her friends here at the shelter really appreciate it.  If you haven’t made a donation recently, please do so to help out animals just like the ones in today’s blog!  Click here.

9-17-15 19

Thank you for your support!