We want to thank Newman’s Own Foundation for giving us a very generous donation specified for maintenance and repair at the shelter.


  The Hay Wagon has been needed some upkeep and new parts, so thanks to Newman’s Own, Larry headed down to John Deere to pick up the parts.

9-27-15 1Larry then spent a few days working on it.  It is so nice that Larry is such a great volunteer and can get just about anything fixed that needs it.

9-27-15 2   The Hay Wagon Makeover turn out absolutely amazing!  We would like to thank Larry and Newman’s Own for making this possible.

9-27-15 3Last week our staff worked hard dragging our paddock 2, and it looks very nice.  We wish we were able to irrigate the pastures this year, but with the drought in California, we felt we should do our part in saving water.

9-27-15 4A visitor came out to see our facility, she really enjoyed getting a tour.  One of the donkey’s enjoyed visiting her over the fence, no doubt wondering if she had any yummy treats.

9-27-15 5Moon Dancer, a 18 year old Warmblood, was being exercised.  He did very well. If you are interested in adopting him please contact us.

9-27-15 6Shadow was getting ready to head to her new home, and part of her preparations was getting her teeth floated.  Shadow was transferred to California from our Tennessee Shelter, and now she was getting ready to go to her forever home.

9-27-15 7

We are so happy for her and her new mom.

9-27-15 8A volunteer came out to help exercise some of the horses.  We are so thankful when qualified people are willing to donate their time and energy to help the horses at the shelter.

9-27-15 9  Two of the donkeys at the shelter, Lulu and Bella, are best friends.  The best part is, they get to stay together as their forever home adopted them both!

9-27-15 10We had a horse surrendered into our Last Act of Kindness program.  This program is one of the most necessary, front line programs we have to keep horses from either suffering long, lingering illness’ when their owners cannot afford the high cost of euthanasia that  most vets charge, or from entering the slaughter pipeline by being taken to auction.  We are so thankful when owners make the right decision for their beloved horse.

9-27-15 11Our farriers came out to work on some of the horses and Florida was up for her trimming.  She really didn’t want to get her hooves trimmed that day, but was a good girl through it all.

9-27-15 12Forest, our Andalusian Paint cross, wanted to tell everyone thank you for donating.  He would like to remind everyone that our Auction Fundraiser isn’t quite there yet, and to please donate!

9-27-15 13

Our Auction Fundraiser is currently at $5,609 out of our goal of $6,000 for the rescue and care of Auction Horses.  Please help us reach our goal and send our rescuers to the auction!  Click here.
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Thank you all for your support to our Auction Fundraiser and our other programs, we couldn’t do it without you!