Some visitors came to the shelter to meet the horses.  The horses, for the most part, absolutely love getting some attention from visitors.


We also  had a few horses getting ready to go home.  We can’t thank the adopters enough who are willing to open their hearts and homes to horses in need.

10-4-15 1Goldie and Cinnabon were the first 2 lucky horses.  They are so happy they are able to be adopted together.  They were very good and loaded right up into the trailer.

10-4-15 2Next was Aiden’s turn to load up and head out on his next adventure.

10-4-15 3The Hay Wagon has been working extremely well since it’s makeover.  In addition to feeding the horses with it, it is also used to clean the stalls.

10-4-15 4We had a lady come out to see who was available for adoption and just fell in love with Dixie.  Dixie fell in love with her too, so the lady put an adoption hold on her.  Dixie was transferred to our CA shelter from Tennessee.

10-4-15 6Later Kirsty put Sugar in the round pen to work with her.

10-4-15 7Kirsty really enjoyed working with her, she is a very smart, well mannered mare. If you are interested in adopting her please click here.

10-4-15 8

Next was Ali’s turn.  He is a 5 year old Arab gelding who needs a confident person.  He is nervous, so Kirsty did some quiet light work with him to build his confidence.

10-4-15 9We had a horse surrendered named Greek.  He is the great grandson of Secretariat.  He has a injury in both hind legs, and due to his failing health and chronic health issues, our vet recommended the Last Act of Kindness for him.

10-4-15 10We had a wonderful donation of 5 bags of Safe Choice. We really appreciate every donation we get, especially of horse feed.

10-4-15 11The generous lady who donated the grain enjoyed her tour and visiting the animals.

10-4-15 12We had a family come out looking for the perfect family kid horse.   They met several of the horses but couldn’t make up their mind.

10-4-15 13The family came out again the next day and wanted to spend some extra time with Bodie.  He definitely was a very good boy for them and seemed to be a perfect fit for their family.

10-4-15 15The kids just fell in love with him too.  We are hoping that he will be able to live the rest of his life with this wonderful family.

10-4-15 16Rhyme and Reba want to thank everyone for their help.  If it wasn’t for your generous support, they wouldn’t have a home at the shelter, waiting for their forever adoptive home.

10-4-15 17

Thanks for your support, both financial and emotional.