The Mustang babies were ready to be weaned.  We divided them so they can still see and touch mom, but they can learn to eat adult food.  We are very excited that two of the babies are in adoption pending!

10-11-15 1Bodie’s family came out to spend time with him.  They are very excited to have him come home soon.

10-11-15 2Their oldest son and Bodie really bonded.  It is so neat to see people bond with rescued horses, and to see the rescued horse really open up to them too.

10-11-15 3We had two horse being surrendered.  This is Lexi, he is a 10 year old Paint who has been trained to ride but is still a little green.  We are told that he is great on the trail.

10-11-15 4

This is Koda, he is Lexi’s 1\2 brother and he is also trained to ride, but also still green.  He has a little more energy than Lexi.  If you are interested in them please click here.

10-11-15 5Koda knows that if he always has a smile on his face he is for sure to get adopted.

10-11-15 6As the week went on the Mustang babies were doing great, so it was time for their next step in weaning.

10-11-15 7

They are now in their own stalls but they can still hear their mom’s.

10-11-15 8

Epona got adopted!  We are so excited for her and her new family.

10-11-15 9The Alpacas found themselves to be adventuring up front.

10-11-15 14It was a good thing because Kirsty was getting ready to catch them anyway to help them with the burrs.

10-11-15 15Kirsty and Cathy worked hard getting all the burrs out of their forelocks.  They weren’t thrilled about it, but they were good through it all.

10-11-15 16Faith, one of our volunteers, decided to give Moon Dancer a good scratching.  He really loved it!

10-11-15 10We had a lady come out who is working on a project to raise awareness about pet over population abuse and neglect.  She came out to get some pictures of the horses at the shelter.

10-11-15 11We had a pony surrendered with severe laminitis.  She has been recommended for our Last Act of Kindness.

10-11-15 12We had a lady come out and really enjoyed meeting the animals.  We are so happy when people spend their time giving the rescued horses love and attention.

10-11-15 13

Thank you all for your support, both financial and emotional.  We couldn’t do it without you!