Last week Bodie got adopted!  We are very excited for him and his new family, just look at their smiles!  Bodie was rescued from a kill pen in TX.  He was only 10 minutes from shipping to slaughter at the kill pen when he was rescued.

10-18-15 1We had a lady come out to meet Lupe.  He was a good boy but not quite what she was looking for.

10-18-15 2We had a visitor come visit for a second time since she enjoyed her first visit so much.  She and Poem really clicked, and she decided it was meant to be so she put an adoption hold on her.

10-18-15 3Meanwhile Enoch saw that Poem was getting all the treats so he came over to see if he could get some too.  Sure enough, he got some yummy treats and some love.

10-18-15 4-1We had a previous adopter some out to ride Moon Dancer, and just loves him.  We are excited for him and his new mom.

10-18-15 4Meanwhile Wille the sheep was getting loaded up in the trailer.  He is going to be so happy with his new sheep family.  Just look at that cute face!

10-18-15 5Kirsty was busy working with a few horses.  Peaches did so well.  Kirsty hopes she gets adopted soon.  Peaches is a very smooth gaited Spotted Saddle Horse who was transferred from our TN shelter.  If you are looking for a beautiful, smooth, flashy horse, she would be perfect for you!

10-18-15 6Next was Koda’s turn.  He hasn’t been worked with in about year, and he was definitely energetic.

10-18-15 7Kirsty worked with him on the ground for a refreshing course and he ended up being a very good boy.

10-18-15 8Then it was his brother’s turn to be worked with.  He is in adoption pending.

10-18-15 9It was Cisco’s lucky day!  He was loading up and getting ready to head to his new home.

10-18-15 10Kirsty had been pretty busy in the round pen and found a hole in the hose to cool off.

10-18-15 10-1

Kirsty isn’t the only one at the shelter who enjoys the water.  A couple of the horses in our barn like to play in the water when we are filling up the water troughs.

10-18-15 12We later had a volunteer come out and love on the horses. Dixie really enjoyed it.

10-18-15 11Florida would like to say thank you for your caring thoughts and donations.  She know’s she wouldn’t be safe if it wasn’t for your thoughtfulness!

10-18-15 13