Urgent Help Needed – 8 Rescued at Oklahoma Kill Auction

“They taste like chicken folks.  Nice and cheap at $35 each” the auctioneer told a laughing crowd last night in Oklahoma.  With those words, our Oklahoma Shelter Manager, Shari, knew she was going to be rescuing donkeys.  Despite having $0 in our Auction Rescue Fund, Shari raised her hand and saved the life of 6 precious donkeys.


After winning the bid on the 6 donkeys, Shari’s heart broke for two horses too.  A sorrel mare and a palomino mare both desperately needed help, and Shari knew she couldn’t leave them behind.


All 8 precious lives were saved, but now we need your help!  We need $3,000 to cover the rescue and care of these slaughter bound animals.  Please donate right now, even $10 will help us reach our goal!  To donate, click here.


Thank you for your support of our rescue efforts!  Shari stepped out in faith, knowing that thanks to generous support from people just like you, the funds will be donated for the rescue and care of the precious horses and donkeys saved from auction late last night.