Announcement – Our California Shelter is relocating from Bangor to Newcastle. A horse rescue in Newcastle was struggling to operate financially, so we are absorbing their organization and operating our CA Shelter at their property. This opportunity to move the shelter will save Horse Plus Humane Society a lot of money as the new location will not have the monthly lease of $2,500. This will allow us to put a higher percentage of our donations directly to rescuing and caring for horses.

  The new shelter location will be up and operating in January, the current location will continue operating through November 22nd and then be closed for the move. Shelter staff have started moving some of the larger items now, but the majority of the moving will be in December.  We are excited about this opportunity, the new location is only 30 minutes from Sacramento!


We are inviting anyone who would like to volunteer to come help us get our Newcastle Shelter set up and ready for horses on Dec 13.  Things to bring, if you have them: Ladders, Cordless drill drivers, Fencing pliers, wire cutters etc… Also please bring a resume with you if you wish to become part of our California Shelter Volunteer Team. For more information click here.





Though the move is great for Horse Plus, it has put a hardship on another organization, Trinity Horse Refuge.  Last December, the property Trinity was renting flooded and the horses were standing in water with no where to go to get dry.  We brought the horses to our facility, and have allowed Trinity Horse Refuge to use a portion of our facility as their old facility was not suitable.



Trinity Horse Refuge is seeking a permanent location for their sanctuary in the greater Oroville / Wheatland area.  If you know of any property that may be suitable for lease or purchase, please contact them: click here.  They have a lot of precious horses that rely on them for sanctuary.


Now to catch you up on what has been happening at the California Shelter.  We had two horses come in, they poked their heads out in wondering where they were?

10-25-15 1This is Soliel, she is a 9 year old 15 hand Paint Saddlebred cross who is green broke.

10-25-15 2This is Chance.  He is a Paint Warmblood cross.  We are told that he is trained to ride.  He is definitely a big gorgeous boy!

10-25-15 3A group come out to see Lupe, they really liked him and even braided his mane.  They were looking for another horse to add to their family.

10-25-15 5Look at that smile!  She fell in love with Lupe and put a hold on him.

10-25-15 6

We had some more visitors come out, Janice gave them a tour.

10-25-15 7

Along the tour they met Chance and just fell in love with him.  Chance had only been at the shelter a few hours when he was put in adoption pending!

10-25-15 8  Dottie, our resident mini with dwarfism, was pretty dirty so some of our staff and volunteers gave her a bath.  Dottie wasn’t excited about her bath at all, and tried to let everyone know that she was not thrilled with it at all.


In the end when she was all dried off and her grooming was done she felt really good and looked beautiful.

10-25-15 10-1Sugar was going home!  We are so excited for her.  Ki, a horse at Trinity Horse Refuge, was being adopted as well to the same family.  We are so pleased for them both.

10-25-15 10

We had a gelding vet day.  Remington had been adopted when he was little, but since he is old enough for the operation, he was brought back for the surgery.

11-1-15 2Lexi and Koda got adopted, we are so happy theses brothers were able to go home together

11-1-15 3

They both are such good boys, they loaded right up and were on their way.

11-1-15 4

Po, one of our barn cats, woke up from his nap long enough to say “Thanks for your support!”  We can’t thank you enough either, your financial donations really make our rescue and sheltering of horses and other animals possible.