Urgent Need – 5 Rescued From Slaughter Auction

Our Oklahoma Shelter Team and TN team attended an auction in Oklahoma on Monday and were able to save 5 precious lives.  At this auction, giant trailer after trailer wait every auction to be filled up with horses that are taken to a feedlot, then on to slaughter.  We were unable to fundraise for this auction as we did not want the kill buyers to bid up prices, or worse, have the auction kick us out.  This auction is very anti-rescue and do everything they can to protect their biggest buyers.   We purchased 3 horses and 1 pony at the auction, and one from a killer buyer after the auction.  Just the purchase price for these 5 precious lives was well over $1,000 and we really need your help.

After the auction, Shari loaded up the very lucky horses.


Once they were in the trailer they got on the road to the shelter.  It was almost midnight by the time the rescue rig was pulling into the shelter.


One by one the horses unloaded from the trailer.  The brake lights cast an eerie red light over the scene.


The horses all got busy eating their yummy food.


In the morning the horses were all settled into their new surroundings.

5   This poor mare has suffered so much over the summer with sunburned eyes.7

Both eyes are in such sad condition.  The eyelids are burned raw, the skin is peeling and raw.  We believe she is blind in this eye.


And to make it worse, the poor horse has horrible feet.  It’s going to take a lot of work to get this poor horse back to good health again.  She is about 15 years old and is very sweet.


This poor skinny horse just couldn’t stop eating!  He just loves his food and couldn’t get enough. He has an extremely hard time chewing his food as he has really bad teethe and desperately needs a float.   We are assuming that is why he is skinny.


This gelding is about 8 years old.  He is green broke to ride and hadn’t been ridden in several years, but during the auction he was getting spurred around and around the ring, the “cowboy” trying to make people think the horse was more trained than he is.  The poor boy was so confused and bewildered in the auction ring.


These two little guys are so cute!  They look just like mini Gypsy Vanners.


This is a little gelding was rescued during the auction.


This little guy went through the auction higher than kill buyers typically pay for ponies, but after the auction, our rescue team noticed that he was in the kill pen with a lot of other horses waiting to get crammed on one of the many kill trailers.  Our rescuers asked the kill buyer if he would sell the pony and he agreed, but for $100 more than what he paid during the auction.  

Please donate right now to help with this auction rescue.  We desperately need your help, even $10 or $25 will really help a lot.  To donate, click here.