We really need your help to reach our goal for the 5 precious lives rescued at the Oklahoma slaughter auction.  We currently are at $2,486 out of our goal of $3,000 for the rescue and care of the auction horses.  We only need $514!  To donate and help us reach our goal, click here.

facebook2Our California shelter has been busy with the move.  One of the first things that had to be done was the 14 stall mare motel taken down.  Larry and Jason started the process and got some more help to get it done.

12-3-15 0It is a lot of work with the very large panels and roofing.  We are thankful that Home at Last let us borrow their flatbed trailer.

12-3-15 1-1We have also been working on taking down some of our fencing.  The white fencing was donated years ago by a fencing company and it still looks great!  Since the new facility doesn’t need it, we are donating it to a great nonprofit horse rescue, A Grazing Grace.

12-3-15 2Of course we cannot leave the property unfenced, so our staff has been busy stringing fencing to replace it.

12-3-15 4Our Hay Wagon got a flat tire. Many of our long time readers will remember when we would get flat tires on our trailers at least once a week.  We are so glad that those days are over!

12-3-15 5Soon the tire was off the gator and ready to be taken to a tire shop and get fixed.

12-3-15 6

Some of Mustangs that we rescued from going to slaughter at the Nevada prison over a year ago finally found a forever home at a wild horse sanctuary.  We really appreciate the sponsorship of the horses until a permanent home could be found, and we want to thank the Sanctuary for opening the land to these precious lives.  The Mustangs loaded up without too much trouble and were on their way.

12-3-15 8-1

Enoch wasn’t too sure about all the activity.  He was a little confused as to why the mare motel was completely taken down and piled up on the ground.  We assured him that he is going to love the new location.

12-3-15 7The final load of the mare motel was finally on its way to our new shelter location.

12-3-15 8Once there we had a lot of help to unload the big heavy panels.

12-3-15 9Everyone worked together and now the mare motel is at the new location ready to be put back together.  Our volunteer setup day is Sunday Dec 13 2015 from 11:30-4:30 pm and the address is: 6025 Wise Rd Newcastle, Ca 95658.  If you would like to go or would like more information, please click here.

12-3-15 10Parcey was also wondering what all the activity was around the shelter.  No doubt he was thinking “I wonder where the mare motel went?”  Of course he will be going to the new shelter too.

12-3-15 11

We cannot thank each and every one for their help, both financially and physically.  We are so excited that our CA shelter is going to be at such a better location.   Please remember our Auction Rescue Fund too, click here.