Urgent Need – Gypsy Vanner +8 Rescued From Starvation!

URGENT NEED! PLEASE HELP! – Much more information coming very soon.


Our rescue team in Tennessee has rescued 8 horses and a donkey, including a Gypsy Vanner, from an absolutely deplorable situation on Friday the 18th.


Over 20 people, including 2 vets, the county Sheriff and his deputies, Tennessee Wildlife agents, another Humane Society, and 7 of our staff and volunteers descended on the property where 8 horses and a donkey were near death from starvation and dehydration.


3 horses had already died, and the owners tried to burn one in a bonfire, while the other 2 were just left laying in the pen where their friends had to step over their bodies to get to the water trough.


The Sheriff was armed with a Search Warrant to remove the animals from the property, and horses and donkey came to us and will be with us while the case goes through the court. The owner of the property previously refused our offers of help and said “I am more than capable… My Gypsy Vanner cost as much as my house. I know how to take care of my animals.”

We need your help! The donkey that was rescued collapsed from dehydration and starvation and is on IV fluids in a sling at our shelter: she would not have made it another day in her home! We’re still not sure she is going to make it, she is just so weak.6-1

The other horses are all 1-3 on the body scale and need intense rehabilitation. We know this is a hard time of year to donate with the holidays, but even $25 will really help in this emergency situation. If you could donate more it would be a huge help, the costs are going to be astronomical with this rescue and rehabilitation. We can’t do it without you!


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