1/3/16 Volunteer day

While the staff was busy with moving the California shelter to Newcastle, horses were still heading to their new homes.  Some of the last horses to head to their new homes from the Bangor shelter were Poem and Forest.  They were both very good and loaded right up and were on their way.

1-6-16 1Their new mom and dad are so happy when they arrived.  Poem gave her new mom kisses right away.

1-6-16 2The banner was hung on the panel at the new shelter as the big volunteer day had finally arrived.

1-6-16 3Soon there were so many cars parked everywhere!  Our long time staff and volunteers were excited to see even more people driving in.  The Newcastle location is certainly easier for people to get to than the Bangor location.

1-6-16 4The Mare Motel walls had been set up earlier, but now it was time to get the roof on.  Everyone that could grabbed a roofing panel and hauled it closer to the Mare Motel.

1-6-16 5The roofing was the volunteer day big project.  There are literally dozens and dozens of panels to screw on the supports.

1-6-16 6We also had volunteers  painting the fencing so everything will match and look nice.

1-6-16 7The animals were certainly not ignored with all the construction.  Volunteers were busy grooming the horses.  Soon they were all groomed, clean and pretty.

1-6-16 8The roofing was going up piece by piece, we had a lot of hard working volunteers we can’t thank enough.

1-6-16 9We had two horses surrendered.  This mare is Ease aka Pepper.

1-6-16 10This mare is Lily.

1-6-16 11One of Larry’s jobs for the day was making sure the roof got put on right and getting pictures of the days events.

1-6-16 12

We want to thank our painters for doing such a great job on the fence.  Of coarse Parcy had to supervise and make sure it was done to his satisfaction.

1-6-16 13Grey whispered into a volunteer’s ear and said “Thank you for helping today!”

1-6-16 14The roofing was still going up.  Kirsty offered to drive her truck into the ally so the ladders could be put on her flatbed.

1-6-16 15Everyone chuckled when Kirsty needed something out of her truck but the doors couldn’t be opened because of the panels.  She just hopped up in the window and wiggled her way in!

1-6-16 16Everyone could tell the animals are the new shelter were very happy and content.

1-6-16 17We had another horse surrendered.  This is Naveen she was being returned due to she needs an experienced adopter to help train her.  We rescued her from an auction and at that time her name was Barbara.

1-6-16 18Before the end of the day we got a group photo of everyone.  It was such a great turn out. A big “Thank you!” to everyone who participated.

1-6-16 19We also got a group California staff photo.

1-6-16 20We would also would like you all to meet Melissa, our new on-site California Manager.  She is pictured with Pretty Boy, who is available for adoption.

1-6-16 21

Thank you all for your support!  We couldn’t do it without you!