New Website and Fundraiser



Tawnee has been working very hard on a new website for Horse Plus, and it’s finally live!  It has a whole new look and is very easy to navigate.







There is also a lot more information about who we are as an organization, history, yearly reports, etc.  To see our new website, click here.

facebookOn our last website we did not have a page about our founder, so you for sure will want to read a little history about the person who is the heart and soul behind Horse Plus.  Those of you who have followed us for years know Tawnee’s story, but she shared about a near fatal horse accident that happened when she was a little girl.  To read it, click here.


We have launched a fundraiser to help horses across the United States at our shelters.  Our goal is to sell 150 hoodies and raise over $1,000 to help care for the animals we serve.  Don’t miss up this opportunity to help while getting a great sweatshirt: click here.


This is the first sweatershirt / hoodie we have done.  We have done multiple t-shirts and a lot of people have asked for a sweater.  Here’s your chance!  It’s a great looking navy sweatshirt that shows your love of horses and our cause.  It’s a limited time fundraiser, get it now – click here!

facebook2  Thank you all for your support!