Urgent Need – Last Act of Kindness

On February 7 our California Shelter will be holding a Last Act of Kindness Clinic for horses who’s owners are unable to afford to give them a humane, loving end to their magnificent lives.  We see many types of horses come into our clinics with chronic health problems such as cancer, extreme founder, and other incurable health problems.  These horses are suffering, and need to be given the last gift of kindness, but their owners cannot afford the $500 – $700 many vets charge for euthanasia and disposal.


We have been offering end of life services through euthanasia clinics since 2008.  We feel that it is vitally important that we offer euthanasia for horses that are suffering.  You can watch a news video from our first euthanasia clinic by clicking here.


You can read more about our Last Act of Kindness program on our website where we explain why this is such a need and how it helps save horses from slaughter.  To read all about the Last Act of Kindness program, click here.


With your gift you can help provide a peaceful and humane end of life service for horses that otherwise may be taken to auction and enter the slaughter pipeline as their owners feel they have no other option.  All horses brought to the clinic will be evaluated by our vet.  If any of the horses are adoptable they will be brought into our adoption program.  If you have a horse that you need end of life assistance with, please contact our California shelter: cashelter@horsehumane.org

Matching Donation – Betsy W. will match you donation dollar for dollar up to $500 to help give the Last Act to Kindness to a suffering horse who’s owner cannot afford to have their horse humanely euthanized. Donate now and your donation will be doubled $5 becomes $10, $25 becomes $50.  Your support is greatly appreciated!

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