California Shelter – So far in 2016

@e had so much fun at our first volunteer day at the new facility that we decided to do it again.  We are excited to meet more of our supporters and we are always thankful all of your help.  Sign up for our next CA Shelter Volunteer Day, click here

volunteer screen shot
Our New California Shelter is almost complete.  We have been so busy setting up all the structures preparing for our official Re-Opening Day in March.  Even though we are not officially open we have been working just as hard as we always have to ensure that all animals have a safe spot to land.  We’ve had a few new additions and a couple adoptions.  We’ve been so busy we haven’t even had a chance to share all the things that have happened so far in 2016.

Tawnee introduced us to a young man who volunteered to finished the roofing of the mare motel.  He worked in the rain most of the time but for a few moments he had a gorgeous rainbow and sunshine.


We moved a few of the horses to the completed mare motel.  We can’t thank Moses enough for all his hard work.


Melissa received a phone call of a possible hoarding situation with 15+ skinny horses.  She headed out in the fog to go see the severity of the situation.  She documented her findings and will continue monitoring the situation.


Animal Services needed help finding homes for 2 Arabians, 2 Paints and 1 Quarter Horse. We brought them back to the shelter to evaluate them and help get them into happy homes.  One of the Arabians was a little camera shy.  She decided to stand behind us every time the camera came out.


Enoch and Carl were very curious when Ellen brought fruits and veggies over to share.  They were a little apprehensive but when Tank the goat took the first bite they knew it was safe.


Ginger was transferred from our Tennessee shelter and due for a trim on her hooves.  Amanda, our intern, helped Elizabeth hold Ginger.  Amanda said Ginger was an angel.  She picked up her feet and stood very quietly.


Animal Control called us after a visit to a property with 3 registered Peruvian Pasos that were not thriving.  The owners were asked to have a vet come out and check the horses.  The owners decided to surrender the Paso’s to our facility instead.  We worked with Placer County Animal Control to pick them up.

batch_IMG_0006Pal is the skinniest of the three horses.  He is lethargic from lack of nutrition but we are hopeful that his curious personality and willingness to eat and drink will help him recover.


Bella and Rosie also came in with Pal.  They are both underweight and their teeth and feet have not been done in quite some time.  They really enjoyed fresh water and all the attention from our staff.


Our farrier will be out soon to help make all three of our newest additions feel more comfortable moving around. As you can see they need hoof care badly.


Phantom was adopted and his new mom is so in love with him.  He was a little difficult to catch at times but his new mom said he is always willing and accepts his halter with pride now.  Congrats Amanda and Phantom!

phantom adopted

Naveen a gray Rocky Mountain was also adopted and she loves her new mom Shelbee and her new friend Laredo the pinto Mustang.  Shelbee said Naveen is so smart and willing to learn.  We’re so happy for this trio.  Congratulations.

batch_naveen adopted

Naveen’s new mom sent an update and says:

“Third day of working with this Gorgeous Goof and omg she is amazing!! Picks up her feet with just a touch of the hoof. Let’s me braid her tail with no offer to kick at all. Isn’t food aggressive at all lets you play with her face and ears and was Sharing cookies with Laredo (her other horse) out of my hand. Walks next to me without me having to hold the lead and not invading my space at all. When I walk she walks, when I stop she stops, and when I back she backs without having to use cues but she knows them if I do use them. Knows how to lunge on a lunge line like a champ and turns into me when told to stop. And comes running to the gate as soon as she sees me! I love this little girl so much already. It’s crazy. Her and Laredo get along very well and have soooo much fun playing with a friend. God gave me these ponies no one else wanted for a reason and I swear to NEVER give up on these two!”

Thank you all for your support of our rescue and sheltering efforts, we couldn’t do it without you!