Amish Horse Rescued

CL Chimmy aka King
be7f78c7382a6e04c0397922da05132b (1)    On February 10th we got a call from an Amish man asking for help with a horse he could no longer keep.  His family owned King for many years but he was not sound enough to pull the buggy on the road or pull a plow in their field anymore. The man told us he did not want to take King to an auction because “you never know where they are going from there.”  He went on to tell us if we could not take King he would have to take him to auction as they could not keep him. The Amish man unable to pay a surrender fee to help with King’s care, but we agreed to help King anyway.

6765e84efccc1f85a7eeb198beed70ff   On the 11th our rescue team headed out to pick up King.  After rescuing King we brought him back to our TN shelter.  During the intake process we found a faint freeze brand on his neck.  After shaving the hair on the freeze brand we were able to read it:  ZF883. We looked up the brand on and found that his registered name is CL Chimmy and he was born April 18th, 2002 in Athens AL.

We contacted the USTA  to ask if he qualified for the Support Out Standardbreds (SOS) program.  They replied and regretted to inform us that he does not qualify for help under the SOS program because he was not abandoned or from a cruelty case.


If you would like to donate to our SAFE Fund to help King and more horses like him it would greatly appreciated.  We can only help horses like King with donations from people just like you.

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