New Membership Launched – Become a Member Today!

We are excited to announce our new Horse Plus Humane Society Membership Program.  With 3 shelters across the United States, caring for horses, your continued support is needed now more than ever!  Being a member has many benefits, including access to our new special “Members Only” text message alerts from our founder Tawnee as rescues are happening.  This insider alert system is only available to active members.  There are so many times when Tawnee is working on cases and she wants to let you know what is happening, but due to the sensitive nature of the rescue, it cannot be posted on our public Facebook page or Blog.  As a member you will get the inside scoop of what is happening behind the scenes.

member card
By becoming a member you will make a huge difference and by your help and support, you will enable us to be the organization that we are ~ an organization that truly cares and does whatever it takes to go the extra mile and impact this world. You will have the satisfaction that comes from knowing you are actively involved in helping horses nationally.  Horse Plus Humane Society encompasses a broad area and reaches many areas with great needs.  We are not a small regional horse rescue, we have 3 shelters across the United States and many national programs, we are affecting needful changes across the nation.

Be a part of making a national difference!  Your membership will make benefiting animals a reality on a large scale in the United States and make a lasting impact for the long term. By becoming a Horse Plus Member together we can accomplish more and make an even greater difference.

Different membership levels have various benefits, but all memberships help us in a significant way.  Your membership can be the difference between life and death, rescue or slaughter.  To learn more about the membership program and the membership levels, click here and become a member today!

If you are already a sponsor, and are donating at least $25 a month, you will automatically be placed into this new membership program.  One of our team will be contacting you to get you set up.  Thank you for your continued support!