3 Adoptions and Urgent Need – TN

For many of our long time followers, they will remember the blogs from years ago.  Almost daily blogs of almost everything that happened at the rescue.  As we grew from a little rescue into a humane society, the blogs got fewer and Tawnee was not in the blogs as much, even though she was still the driving force making our organization into what it has become today.  Putting this blog together reminded Tawnee of the many many days she stayed up past midnight getting the daily blog out such as this one of precious Prince.  We would like your feedback as to how you would like the blogs written: shorter and to the point, or more of a personal following of our founder?  Drop us a line, click here.

First thing in the morning Tawnee headed out.  Three critters were being adopted and Tawnee was going to be taking them to their new home.  Tawnee took the snapshot thinking “Why not make today’s blog like the old blogs from years ago?”


After the last trailer expedition driving the 24′ trailer through rivers and tight bridges Tawnee arranged to borrow a small bumper pull for today’s adventure.


Kichi was very curious when the trailer was backed up and the door was opened.  Molly May and Godiva were more cautious, wondering what their future would hold.


Soon they were all loaded up in the trailer and Tawnee with 2 volunteers headed out to deliver them to their new home.


Finally they arrived at a very beautiful farm that had beautiful fences and lots of rolling pastures.  These three are very lucky to have found such a wonderful home.


Tawnee backed the trailer up to the barn and one of the volunteers opened the door while the excited adopter waited.


One by one they hopped out of the trailer.


She was so happy and delighted with her new family members.  They look so happy together and Godiva looks very relaxed.


Until they settle in they are going to be in a smaller pen next to the barn.  Once they are settled in well they will be able to roam the large pastures.


We are so happy for them.  They were each rescued from a slaughter auction, and without your support, we would not have been able to rescue them, and they will not have such a bright future.


Adoption papers were signed and their adopter made a very generous $1,000 donation.  Thank you so much for your generosity!


On the way back Tawnee couldn’t help but admire the mansions of Tennessee.  There are so many amazing houses and lush estates.  It is a treat to drive through the countryside and see them.


Tawnee got a call about yet another neglect case.  4 horses in horrible condition and a donkey that had just arrived.  It never ceases to amaze Tawnee how many neglect cases there are in TN!


Tawnee arrived back at the shelter, parked the borrowed trailer, grateful that she did not have to haul the big trailer around all day.


She checked in on the horses and made sure they were all doing good before she left for the night.  The Gypsy’s registered name is Liberty Hill Lucky 7.  If you look closely at his face, you will see why there is a 7 in his name.  If you missed his rescue story, click here.


Tawnee headed home and got to work on supper.  Jason and Tawnee have 4 children and have adopted 3 of them.  They all really enjoyed this amazing dish Tawnee put together.  For the recipe, click here.


After supper Tawnee started working on the blog and calling to touch in with our other shelters.  Our Oklahoma shelter has a big event coming up on the 28th, our Free 1 Day Open Door Shelter for Horses.  So far we have 12 volunteers that are planning on helping with the event and lots of brochures and flyers being passed out.  For more information about this event, click here.




Next Tawnee called the California shelter to talk about a horse that came in that has a very urgent need.  Meet Nike, an 11 year old Haflinger gelding.


Nike has been working at a dude ranch as a guide horse for quite some time and everything was fine.


Everyone loved Nike with his great personality and adorable looks.


Nike started developing a tumor in his left eye and had to leave his job.  His future was very bleak.  Nobody had the money for the costly surgery to have the eye and tumor removed.  We were asked if we could take him and of course we said “Yes!”


Within 2 months (since the photo above was taken) his tumor has grown dramatically and it is crucial that it is removed for his well being.  This is how Nike looked when he arrived at our California shelter.



Nike’s surgery and post-operation care will be about $2,000.  He is a young highly adoptable horse once the surgery saves his life.  In some cases we have to look at humane euthanasia, but we are really hoping that Nike’s life can be spared with your help.



Please help with Nike’s life-saving surgery!  We would like to thank Julie M. for generously putting up a matching donation of up to $500.  Every dollar you donate will be doubled for Nike’s surgery!  A $25 donation becomes $50 towards saving his life.  Every dollar really help, click here.


Thank you all for your support!  We couldn’t do it without you.