5 Horses Investigated & More


We would like to send a huge “Thank you!” out to everyone who donated to help Nike get the surgery he needs to save his life.  We were able to raise the needed funds thanks to support from you.


Tuesday morning Tawnee got a notice ready for the horses that were reported the previous day.
3-8-16-1Tawnee stopped by to pick up Kimberly, who would be coming along on the investigation.  Kimberly and Darin are the newest members of our team.  Darin is our financial guy, he has a Bachelor of Science in business management with an emphasis on accounting.   Kimberly has a huge heart for horses and is going to be helping thank the donors and a whole lot more.

3-8-16-1-1Tawnee and Kimberly arrived at the location and Tawnee started documenting the findings.

3-8-16-2There was a little donkey that was not skinny at all and three horses that were definitely thin.

3-8-16-3One horse was emaciated.  There were no signs of hay anywhere on the property that could be seen.

3-8-16-4Tawnee knocked on the door and talked to the elderly owner.

3-8-16-5She said the Palomino has only been there a month and the previous owner was starving it.  She said they talked to the vet and the vet recommended they start graining the horses and giving them supplements.  They had a hoof supplement and a weight builder supplement.  Tawnee asked when the last time they had been given hay and they said “2 to 3 weeks ago.”  In TN we are finding that people do not see (or know) the importance of feeding their horses hay.  Typically horses need to be given hay 4-5 months or so out of the year if they are in pasture.

3-8-16-6The woman took Tawnee out to see the horses.  3 belong to her and the other horses belong to other people.

When Tawnee was walking up to the pen Tawnee couldn’t help but notice 3, 1 gallon jugs of water.  When she asked what the jugs were for, the lady explained there was a horse in the shed, and the jugs were how they gave him water.

3-8-16-8Tawnee looked in the barn and found a horse that had no water, no food, and was extremely dehydrated.

3-8-16-8-1Tawnee went around the side to get a better look at him, and could see that he was very sucked up.

3-8-16-9Tawnee went and got the water jugs and started putting water in the bucket.

3-8-16-10The poor horse started drinking.  And drinking.  And drinking.  He was so thirsty.

3-8-16-11Tawnee made trip after trip with the water jugs.  The other horses were curious and followed her back and forth.  They have access to a pond so water is not an issue for them.

3-8-16-12Gallon after gallon, the thirsty horse was drinking it up.

3-8-16-13He was so grateful for every gallon that was poured into his bucket.

3-8-16-14He drank 5 gallons of water and Tawnee filled the 5 gallon bucket up to the top when he was done.  The water jugs had to be filled inside the house so it was quite the process.  Tawnee then asked the lady when the last time he had hay, and she said it was last Thursday.  Tawnee again stressed that you can’t just feed horses grain and weight builder supplements, they have to be fed hay daily.

3-8-16-16The little jack donkey they got recently because he had nowhere else to go.  Tawnee told them about our gelding assistance program, and they are very excited about it.

The skinniest horse had been at another location and completely starved.  She brought him to this property trying to get him into a better situation.

3-8-16-17The owner of the Palomino came and Tawnee explained to both the ladies that giving grain and supplements is all good, but that is in addition to hay.  Without hay it won’t do any good.  They love their horses and do not want to surrender them.  Tawnee stressed that they must have hay and assured them we will be following the situation closely.

3-8-16-18From there Tawnee and Kimberly headed to Walmart to get the photos of some of the residents for members who choose to e-adopt them.

If you haven’t heard, we have launched a membership program.  With 3 shelters nationwide and the huge need for investigation and enforcement in TN, we need monthly support we can count on.  To learn more about our membership program, click here.

3-8-16-21Back at our shelter Lady was being adopted.  We rescued her from the last auction rescue we did in TN and are so happy for her.

3-8-16-21-1One of our trainers brought Venus and Atlas back.  They are both doing a lot better with the training they have gotten.

3-8-16-22He evaluated Coa.  She is a very easy going horse and has a very nice temperament.

3-8-16-23  She stands great and doesn’t seem to mind at all what the rider is doing.

3-8-16-24He took Star out on her first trail ride and she did amazing.

3-8-16-24-1He is taking Whisky to his place to work with him and get him trained under saddle.

3-8-16-24-2Ivy had a very special visitor come out.  When the courts award ownership to Horse Plus and Ivy is cleared for adoption, she is going home with this wonderful lady.  She has been supporting Ivy through her rehab and we greatly appreciate everything she has done for Ivy and the other horses at the shelter.

3-8-16-25Another load of hay was delivered.  We are definitely going through a lot of hay right now, but then again, we have always gone through a lot of hay.  We are looking forward to spring bringing a lot of fresh grass soon.

3-8-16-26After a long busy day Tawnee and some of our team went to a local animal welfare meet and greet.  Tawnee was asked to talk about our organization and what we do.  They are all thrilled and excited that a organization dedicated to horses and large animals is moving into the area.

3-8-16-27Thank you all for your support!

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