URGENT NEED – Auction Rescue


Please help us pull horses from the slaughter pipeline in Oklahoma!
 We need your help to rescue horses at slaughter auctions in Oklahoma this weekend, saving them from the horrors of the slaughter pipeline.  The kill buyers are going to be there, they will be buying and shipping every horse that is not rescued.  We want to keep that from happening for as many horses as we can!

We provide the rescued horses vet care, training, rehabilitation, sheltering and find them adoptive homes where they will know love and safety.  We often rescue horses from the auctions with chronic medical problems which cause them excruciating pain.  With your donation we can rescue them, give them vet care, and if necessary, the Last Act of Kindness.  Humane euthanasia is the only humane option compared to slaughter for horses that have chronic health conditions.  It is so sad  and heartless that owners dump their horses into the slaughter pipeline with no thought for their future, but with your help, we can save them from that horrible fate.  Please help us save precious horses at the Oklahoma slaughter auction this month, donate now.  No amount is too small, every dollar helps!

In the photo above, you can see how terrified the pony was when we rescued him at the last Oklahoma Auction Rescue we attended.  Thanks to those who donated to the auction rescue fund, we were able to rescue him and his friend and adopt them both into a very loving home together.  It is a very happy ending to what could have been tragedy.  Yes, even ponies are shipped to slaughter.  Please help us pull more horses from the slaughter pipeline and make more happy endings like this one, donate now.


Thank you for your donation to the Auction Rescue Fund.  We couldn’t do it with you!  If you would like to mail your donation, our corporate mailing address is: Horse Plus Humane Society, P O Box 485, Hohenwald TN 38462.