National Gelding Assistance Program

dc248bc689c0ad2bca97b81242da56cf (1)Thanks to a grant from the ASPCA, we are pleased to announce our National Gelding Assistance Program is fully funded for the next 50 applicants! We have had this program in place for many years, but funding has been limited. Now is your chance to take advantage of this wonderful program and get your stallion gelded! If you need financial assistance to geld your
horse, mule, pony, mini, or donkey we are here to help. We will cover up to $125 of the cost of the gelding operation to your licensed veterinarian. No need to transport your horse to a gelding clinic or be put on a waiting list, once you are approved, call your vet and schedule the appointment. Have your veterinarian do a ranch call for the operation or trailer your stallion to your veterinarian’s office.bda2013daf8ce4fa65e1ed33b51e6f9d

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