1-Day Open Door Shelter

Our first 1-Day Open Door Shelter in Oklahoma was a huge success!   First thing the banner was hung and the doors were opened.


We had a lot of great volunteers come to the event.  We would like to thank them for their time and support.  Tiffany got the sign ready to be posted out on the main road.

3-31-16-3  Being a pilot program we weren’t sure how many people would be coming.  The volunteers did an excellent job spreading the word about the event, but, you just never know.  Before we knew it someone arrived and was signing papers to surrender their horse.

3-31-16-4  While the paperwork was being done to surrender the first horse, Jim and Laura from our California shelter who came to help at the event used their trailer to bring the horses, ponies and donkeys that Shari rescued from the auction to the event so the vet could check them out.  We had some quality of life concerns on some of them.

3-31-16-4-1  The volunteers helped get the auction rescue horses settled.  It was so great to have their help!

3-31-16-4-2  After the paperwork was done the first horse was led in.  He was a very emaciated 32+ year old gelding.  His owners loved him, but couldn’t make the call on their own to have him humanely euthanized.  They realized they were keeping him alive for their owns emotional needs rather than what was in his best interest.

3-31-16-5  It’s really hard to see a horse in this bad of condition, but that is what the event is for, providing a safe place for horses to receive the Last Act of Kindness.  So many times we see horses like this at auctions and it breaks our hearts.

3-31-16-6Darin and Kimberly started giving him lots of love.  We are so thankful his owners brought him to the 1-Day shelter.  We know it’s hard for a lot of people to ask for help.

3-31-16-7Another truck and trailer pulled up with a horse and pony inside.

3-31-16-8The horse was in his 20’s and very lame.

3-31-16-9His front left leg had been broken at one time and was bowed outward, causing a lot of pain and arthritis in the joints.

3-31-16-10The pony was well into her late 20’s and was suffering from ovarian cysts.  Her owners knew it was time to relieve her suffering.

3-31-16-11Their owners really loved them and spent some time with them.  They gave them their favorite food before they left.  Then one of our volunteers went to work giving them lots of love while they finished eating their food.

3-31-16-12Another trailer pulled in with a horse.  He was a big, beautiful 23-year-old off the track Thoroughbred.  He didn’t have anything wrong with him, his owners just couldn’t keep him anymore.  We knew when we saw him, and after talking to his owner to make sure there were no health concerns, we knew was adoptable.  The 1-Day Open Door Shelter is not only for horses that need the Last Act of Kindness, but for horses that need help finding a new home too like Maverick.

3-31-16-12-1Shari led Maverick to a waiting pen.  He was so well trained and sweet.

3-31-16-12-2Lots of different people stopped by the event to see what it was all about.  Some could not understand the concept of why we would need to offer euthanasia, but after seeing the horses and talking to our staff, they began to understand.

3-31-16-13Annie was one of the horses we rescued from the slaughter auction.  She was extremely old, in her 30’s, and we were very concerned for her quality of life.


Diva had extremely long hooves and was suffering from a case of founder we believed.  We wanted the vet’s opinion on her long term prognosis.

3-31-16-15Her hooves were such a horrible mess.  It’s always sad to see such neglected hooves.

3-31-16-16Picasso, the jack, needed to be checked out due to his hoof problems.  We were also hoping the vet may have time to geld him.

3-31-16-17We were really concerned about his twisted front hoof.  Picasso didn’t appear to be suffering from any pain or lameness from it, and we hoped the vet agreed.

3-31-16-18Dolly, the mare who Shari went back to the auction to rescue, had a severe old injury on her right hind leg.  We were really hoping that long term it wouldn’t affect her quality of life and she could go into the adoption program.

3-31-16-19Dunbo seemed to have a back problem or some extremely bad confirmation. We weren’t sure if he was suffering from it or not so we wanted the vet to check him out too.


Avatar didn’t have any problems, other than being an in-tact colt.  We hoped the vet would have time to geld him.  He got lots of love by all the volunteers.

3-31-16-21Maverick and Dolly were in separate pens but everyone noticed that they were quickly becoming best friends.  They were constantly going up to the panels, rubbing each others noses and attempting to groom each other.  It was quite sweet.  We knew that Maverick was adoptable, but it was sad because Dolly had the terrible injury and we didn’t know what the vet would say about it.

3-31-16-22A lady came to the 1-Day Shelter looking for two horses to adopt.  She fell in love with Maverick.  She heard the story about how Dolly and Maverick were really hitting it off and she said she would adopt Dolly if the vet gave her a clean bill of health.  Kimberly got to work processing her adoption application.

3-31-16-23The end of the day was winding down.  Jim and Laura headed to a local feed store to buy some horse feed.  It was really neat having people from each of our shelters at the event.


Darin did a lot of work helping water all the horses.  We really appreciate all his help.  He is our CFO and Treasurer, but he doesn’t mind working hands on either.

3-31-16-25Jim and Laura got back with the feed and soon all the animals were happily eating their supper.

3-31-16-26Tawnee did one last check to make sure all the gates were tied and everyone was OK for the night.

3-31-16-27Bright and early the next morning Sassy and Chloe were brought to the Fairgrounds where the event was held so they could get their health certificates.  They were getting ready to travel to our TN shelter and needed the proper paperwork.  The vet arrived and got to work.


Journey needed his paperwork too as he was being adopted in California.  Dolly was next to be examined by the vet.

3-31-16-29After looking at her extremely neglected old injury, he determined that it wasn’t causing him any pain and mainly consisted of a lot of scar tissue.  He gave the OK for her to be placed in the home waiting for her with Maverick.


The vet examined Picassio and determined that his hoof might be OK after trimming and rehab.  He didn’t have the time to get any of the boys gelded but it will happen soon for them.

3-31-16-31Sadly, for Diva, the vet believed that she was suffering from severe founder and that humane euthanasia was the best option for her.  After she was sedated, she was given the Last Act of Kindess and was suffering no more.  Tawnee got a better look at her hooves, it’s really sad that someone let her get into this state, then dumped her at an auction into the slaughter pipeline.

3-31-16-32It’s always sad doing these Last Act of Kindness clinics.  We have been doing them since 2008, but it doesn’t get easier.  Knowing that these horses will never know the horrors of a slaughterhouse and that their suffering is over is what we must take to heart.


Dolly and Maverick were getting ready to load up for the short ride to their new home.  We are so happy for them!  The other animals loaded up with Jim and Laura for the ride to the OK shelter.  We are very happy that Dunbo received clearance from the vet.  He believes he may grow out of his current conformation.


Maverick and Dolly loaded up without any trouble.  They are such good horses!

3-31-16-36  Their new mom was so happy and excited to get both of these lovely horses home.

3-31-16-38They have a beautiful 80 acre pasture to explore and spend their days enjoying.

3-31-16-39  It was really neat to see them trotting around with excitement.  We are so happy for them!

3-31-16-40All the paperwork was gathered from the big event and Kimberly, Shari and Tawnee got it all organized and filed away.

3-31-16-41Thank you all for your support!