CA Shelter – 4/5/2016

On April 17, the California shelter is having a fundraiser thanks to Dreams and Drivers.  This is the first part of a 2 part series to raise funds and needed supplies for our California shelter.  Funds raised from this event will go towards helping the animals at the CA shelter along with fixing up the office.  We are hoping that all of our California fans will come out and show your support.  Many of you ladies have husbands that are not into horses, but like horsepower.  This will be a fun event for all!  For more information, click here.

The CA staff started out the week like any other.  They were attempting to feed all the horses but the chickens had another plan.  They decided they would block the way until they were fed first.  They are normally fed right after the horses but they didn’t want to wait this time.  They gathered together and threw a protest.


Melissa got the feed for the chickens and her husband Matt was finally able to get the Hay Wagon around them to start feeding the horses.  The horses in the pasture were so happy they finally got their breakfast.


Peaches received her breakfast too but she was not quite as hungry as everyone else.  She was having an uncomfortable morning.  Peaches is near the end of her pregnancy and no doubt will be happy when the baby is born.


Melissa picked up new salt and mineral blocks for all the horses.  Lily and Cash really enjoyed the new blocks.


After they finished feeding and delivering the new mineral blocks it was time to get chores done.  One of the water buckets needed to be cleaned.  Mattea said she could dump it without having to go into the stall and she made sure not to get her feet wet.  The rest of the staff had a good laugh watching her have fun with the chores.


One of the chores was putting up additional shelters.  Melissa did a good job supervising while the boys did all the hard work.  It took them some time to get the ground level so only the frame went up for now.  The roof will be constructed soon.


Mariah helped exercise some of the horses.  Here she is with Ginger, a Tennessee Walker that is broke to ride.  She was adopted but it wasn’t a perfect match so she is back looking for another home.  Mariah said Ginger really liked to work and did everything perfect.  We have no doubt Ginger will find a great home again.


Chores are all fun and games until its time for Dotty to have a bath.  Elizabeth, Amanda and Brenda really had their work cut out for them.  Dotty is so sweet and gentle but she has a nickname reserved for her bath days – Oh Snotty Dotty!


Nike has become a favorite.  He has a list of people wanting to help while he recovers.  His recovery from the eye removal surgery has been great.  The swelling is almost completely gone.  He has a lot of work ahead of him to get his weight down so until he is released by the vet to work he gets out several times a day to be hand walked.   Carol took him for a long walk around the facility.  We think Carol enjoyed the walk more than Nike did but at least he showed her how much he appreciated it.


Amanda has spent a lot of time working with Rosie.  Rosie is a Peruvian Paso that was surrendered due to an ongoing Animal Control case.  Rosie was really nervous about having her feet done or having anyone behind her when she arrived.  Amanda has been working with Rosie over the last month.


Rosie is much better about having her feet done and look how beautiful she is now that she is more comfortable and learning to trust.  We owe a big thank you to Amanda for all her patience and persistence.  Rosie has a much better chance at finding her forever home now.


We had a nice surprise this week.  We had several truck loads of gravel donated to help complete the access road to the office.  The first load was delivered at the circle driveway in front of the office.


We can’t wait to see what it looks like after we have a chance to spread it and then compact it.


We had a couple adoptions this week too.  Lily’s family is so happy they found her.  They have been searching for a horse that would help them learn together.  They’ve all had some horse and ranch experience and have been waiting for the right fit to help them get back into it.  We agree Lily is the perfect match and can’t wait to see all the updates.  Congratulations Lily!


Scarlet was adopted too.  Her new family will be picking her up this weekend.  They wanted to make sure they had everything just right before they brought her home.  One new gate and a fresh clean stall and she will be on her way home.  Congratulations Scarlet and Allison.


This ad was seen on Facebook for over a month.  Prior to this post others had posted that these two horses were wandering the streets of Newcastle.  Placer County Animal Services was able to catch up with the duo and got them back to their facility.  They were unable to find the owners and so far no recognizes them as belonging to a neighbor.

Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 7.34.58 PM-crop

Placer County ACO brought the two horses to Horse Plus Humane Society in hopes that we would help find them a home.  Meet Sahara, we believe she is an Arabian in her late teens.  We haven’t had a chance to really evaluate them yet as they just arrived late Sunday.  We know that Sahara is at least halter broke and she picks up her feet very well.


This handsome guy is Houdini.  He seems to be a Draft cross in his late teens.  We believe he may be the reason the two were found wandering.  He is very good at manipulating his lips to open gates with an easy slide mechanism.  He must be kept in a secure area that is not so easy to open.  He is very attached to Sahara, and they are best friends.  The duo has done a great job at looking out for each other on their almost 2 month adventure.  He is at least halter broke and is good with his feet.  We will be evaluating Houdini and Sahara over the next few days.


The week was finished off with a little spa time, for the horses at least.  We wanted to make sure the new arrivals were comfortable so Sue our farrier came out to help get the overgrown feet back to as normal as possible.  Thank you Sue for giving our horses happy feet.


April 24th will be a Last Act of Kindness surrender day at the CA shelter.  This is a low cost clinic for horses that need humane euthanasia due to low quality of life, unmanageable pain, chronic health problems, etc.  The fee is $350 and our staff takes care of everything involved with end of life services.  If you have a horse that needs euthanasia and cannot afford the fee, please contact us.


Our National Gelding Assistance Program is well underway and is available to anyone in the United States.  19 people have been approved for assistance so far to have their stallions gelded.  We have funds for an additional 31 horses, so don’t wait!  Apply today if you need help gelding your stallion or colt.  Click here.


Thank you all for your support that makes rescuing and sheltering possible!