Horse Expo, Parcey, and More

We know that many of our fans in the California area have enjoyed seeing us at the Western States Horse Expo for years.  Year after year people would come up to us, saying they were in love with Macho Man and so happy to see him again.  Sadly, Macho Man passed away due to colic, but we know that a lot of Western States Horse Expo goers loved the little guy.

4-8-16-0After Macho Man’s passing, we started bringing Parcey, who was an instant celebrity.  People loved meeting Parcey.  He is such a gentle steer who is trained to ride.  Western States Horse Expo posted him on their Facebook page in 2014.  To see the post, click here.  This year, when we were getting ready to sign up for the booth, they told us Parcey is not allowed on the grounds because the Horse Expo owner did not want him there.  We tried to reason with them, but they would not allow him on the property at all, even in a paneled pen in an outdoor booth.  It seems they would rather eat cows than see a rescue cow getting love and attention.  The booth is very expensive at the Expo, and without having rescued animals present, there is no way we could recoup the cost of having the booth.  Horse Expo attendance, and vendors, have dropped dramatically over the last few years and it just doesn’t make sense financially to be at the Expo.  We do invite anyone that wanted to visit our booth to make the short drive to our shelter in Newcastle.


We are really disappointed that the Horse Expo has decided to pick on Parcey.  He has never hurt anyone or cause any incidents at the Expo.  He is not the first riding steer at the Expo either.  In 2012 this beautiful Texas longhorn was being ridden around the grounds.  Talking to others, the Expo has been treating their vendors very rudely, especially this year.  Many folks who used to visit the Expo every year say that due to the high cost of entry (parking and tickets) and with less vendors they will not be attending this year.  To read our blog of the 2012 Expo, click here.


Since Parcey was not going to be attending the Expo, Tawnee was excited to get him to our Tennessee Shelter as soon as possible.  Jim and Laura were going to be delivering some horses in Oklahoma and attending the 1-Day Open Door Shelter event, so Parcey got ready to make the long trip.  He had to get all his paperwork in order and the vet was scheduled.  Tawnee got a call from Larry that said the vet needed to put an ear tag in Parcey for identification, and that was the only way he could go to Tennessee.  Tawnee was quite dismayed at this and talked to the vet.  The vet told her again that he must have permanent identification.  Tawnee told the vet that Parcey is microchipped and asked if that would work instead of the ear tag.  To Tawnee’s joy the vet said “Yes!”

4-8-16-3Parcey loaded up in the trailer with his ears intact and headed to Oklahoma were Tawnee would meet him.

4-8-16-4The California staff were all sad to see Parcey go.  They really fell in love with him and knew they were going to miss him a lot.

4-8-16-5Many of you remember the Amish horses that Tawnee rescued from a Tennessee Auction.  If you missed that blog, click here.  A lady in California saw them through our site and wanted to adopt them and give them a wonderful, loving home.

4-8-16-6Their paperwork was in order and the day to leave finally arrived.  Jason and Tawnee were getting ready to head to our Oklahoma shelter for the 1-Day Open Door Shelter.  Jim and Laura were going to take them back to California.

4-8-16-7Tawnee had to smile as she was getting them ready.  These horses were unwanted by everyone at the auction except the kill buyer.  He was dismayed that we purchased them.  Thanks to the powers of social media, these two horses who have lived as technology free hard working Amish horses all of their lives had a wonderful home lined up for them 2,500 miles away.


On the way to Oklahoma Jason and Tawnee met up with Darin and Kimberly who were going to be helping with the 1-Day Open Door Shelter.

4-8-16-8-1Nash and Grace enjoyed having the whole trailer to themselves and loved eating hay on the way.  What an adventure for them!

4-8-16-9On the way to Oklahoma Tawnee was thinking about Parcey.  Back in 2009 she rescued Parcey for $5 at an auction.  You can see that blog by clicking here.  He was just a baby!


Parcey couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw Tawnee, and Tawnee was equally delighted to see him.  They sat enthralled with each others company for quite awhile.

4-8-16-10The 1-Day Open Door Shelter was a huge success.  To read that blog, click here.

4-8-16-12It was neat having some of our staff from all our shelters in 1 place.  California has the red shirts, Tennessee has the black shirts, and Oklahoma has the green shirts.  As Horse Plus has grown, it is sad in one way because the staff who have worked so closely together for so many years are spread out across the United States, but we know we are doing more good.


Jim and Laura were taking Journey, a horse that was rescued at an Oklahoma auction to its home in California along with the two Amish horses.  Journey was the first to load up.


Nash and Grace loaded up together.  All three horses were delivered safely to their new homes, we are so happy for them all!

4-8-16-14Shari got a “I rescue horses, what’s your superpower?” shirt for herself and one for Tawnee.  They are so cute and both of these ladies work so hard to rescue horses.


Tawnee told Parcey that it was time to go to Tennessee.  He looked back as if to say “I think Oklahoma is just fine.”


He really decided that Oklahoma was fine when Tawnee told him it was time to get in the trailer.  He decided to throw a short stand-in protest.  After some stories of how great Tennessee is, he decided to trust Tawnee and hop in.

4-8-16-15-1He looked out, hoping that all of Tawnee’s promises were really true.


Doc, Frosty, Chloe and Sassy were being transferred to our Tennessee shelter from Oklahoma.  Doc and Frosty were having a hard time finding a home in Oklahoma and Tawnee thought she might have someone interested in them in Tennessee.  Chloe and Sassy had a pony rescue group lined up to take them and find them homes.

4-8-16-17It’s about a 12 hour drive from the Oklahoma Shelter to our Tennessee Shelter.  One of the landmarks is crossing the Mississippi river into Memphis.


Finally Parcey and the others arrived at the Tennessee Shelter.  He was hoping that it was as good as Tawnee told him.


Sassy and Chloe hopped right out of the trailer, Doc and Frosty were a little more unsure.  Soon they were all out settling in to their new pen.


Tawnee had a hard time saying “Goodnight” to Parcey, she just couldn’t get enough of him.

4-8-16-21  By the next morning Parcey had decided that Tennessee is really amazing.  There’s lush green grass everywhere!

4-8-16-22  We hope you enjoyed all the behind-the-scenes that happened around the 1-Day Open Door Shelter.  Thank you all for your support!