Oklahoma Shelter Update!

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“When I was in Oklahoma at the 1-Day Open Door Shelter I met a wonderful lady, Tiffany, who came to volunteer.  She loves animals, and especially horses, with a passion that is evident to everyone she meets.  She is joining our team of volunteers (our Oklahoma shelter is ran 100% by volunteers) in Oklahoma and is a very valuable asset.  She is putting the animals up on our website for adoption, and has also agreed to start writing the Oklahoma Shelter blog.  The following blog is the first of many that Tiffany will write.  I hope you enjoy Tiffany’s personal touch and experiences at our Oklahoma shelter.”  – Tawnee Preisner, President and Founder, Horse Plus Humane Society


What an exciting day we had on Monday, April, 11 2016!!  Right now we have four wonderful donkey’s/horses that are adoptable.  You might remember that in March we came home from an auction with a truckload of rescues, all rescued thanks to YOU and your continuing love and giving to Horse Plus! If you missed our last Oklahoma auction rescue blog, click here.

The farrier and vet were both on location to ensure that everything and everyone was taken care of.  First up was Picasso.  Due to neglect of Picasso’s hooves an x-ray was needed to determine if the coffin bone was in good condition and the best way for the farrier to trim his hooves.

Picasso, Hello World
Picasso, Hello World

The vet spent a lot of time looking at Picasso’s hoof.  He really enjoyed all the attention.

pic checkup
We were all so happy when the vet announced that Picasso’s coffin bone looked good!


Picasso was then sedated for castration. Castration of any male equine that comes into Horse Plus is important to prevent further over breeding or careless breeding. One donkey being castrated can make a difference to help reduce the number of unwanted equines in the US.


Prepped and ready the vet was able to get both testicals. Picasso was kept sedated and comfortable during the whole process.

While Picasso was still sedated the farrier was able to trim his hooves.  Picasso rested peacefully after the castration and hoof trim for about 20-30 mins before getting up and returning to his pen.  Sheri will keep a close eye on him while he heals.


I went and loved on Picasso when he was up and around. I could tell he was still tired and a little irritated from the whole day, even then he is still such a sweet boy!

Next up was Dunbo.  The farrier was able to get Dunbo’s hooves done earlier that day.


Dunbo will probably never be able to hold a rider due to the sway or deformation in his back.  Since March when he came to us, Sheri has been working with him on halter training, leading, and overall trust with humans.  Dunbo has been doing amazing learning and starting to like getting loved on.


It was Dunbo’s turn to get castrated.  Scrubbed and prepped the vet castrated him.


While Dunbo was resting comfortably I was able to get pictures of his teeth and freshly trimmed hooves.

dun hooves
As you can see from the picture he does have a slight over bite.

dun teethThe last castration of the day was little Avatar. The farrier was able to get his hooves trimmed earlier that day. When Avatar came to Horse Plus he was not halter trained, but since then Sheri has been able to work with him and I was able to lead him into the clearing for his appointment with the vet.


The vet sedated him and castrated him. Avatar, even after 30 mins refused to get up. He was playing possum. We could see he was awake, but he was just enjoying all the loving he was getting while down.


While Avatar was playing possum I was able to get pictures of his hooves and teeth. If you notice around his eyes and mouth his color is starting to come through! We are so excited about seeing what he really looks like under all that baby/winter fur.


He has two black hooves and two white hooves! He has the cutest coloring and markings.


Avatar eventually got up. He was still sleepy. Poor boy, but now he can be adopted since he is a gelding.  He is already in adoption pending and has a loving home lined up for him in New York!


With all the boys done we can’t forget about Arrow.  The vet and farrier worked together to make sure that Arrow’s hoof was fully rehabilitated.


If you don’t remember Arrow, she came to us with some other donkeys last year.  If you missed that blog, click here.  Arrow has been with Horse Plus for over a year receiving the best care to rehabilitate her hoof.

arrowafterhoofArrow did try to give the farrier a hard time, but eventually calmed down.  Arrow’s hoof is fully rehabilitated now.

arrow trim

I mean look at that face, she is absolutely gorgeous!! Please consider adopting her! Click here for info on adopting her.


Thank you for your continued support for Horse Plus Humane Society! We will keep you updated with the growth at the Oklahoma Shelter! – Tiffany 🙂

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