TN Shelter Happening

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For our California fans, there is a great Charity Fundraiser happening this Sunday.  It’s all about fancy cars. Please stop by and show your support for our CA shelter.  For more information, click here.


Star and Whisky were adopted while our 1-Day Open Door Shelter was happening in Oklahoma.  When Tawnee and Jason got back from OK they needed to be transported to their new home.  The next morning Tawnee headed over to the shelter to pick them up.


They loaded without any fuss and looked around, curious where they were headed.  We are so happy for these two wonderful horses.


Tawnee arrived at their new home and their adopter took a picture while Tawnee was turning around.


As soon as the trailer stopped the two girls, who are sisters, hopped up on the trailer to welcome their horses home.

4-15-16-5They are so happy!  We know that these two horses are going to get a ton of love and attention from these two young ladies.

4-15-16-6They have a beautiful home with acres of pasture.  Whisky and Star settled right in, grazing contentedly.

4-15-16-7We have 3 untrained donkeys at the shelter.  Joseph has been helping get them halter trained.  He is doing a great job with them.


Titus, Sassy, Chloe and Jelly Belly were all transferred to Tennesse Mid-South Mini & Pony Rescue.  They specialize in Ponys and Minis, and have a lot of adoptive contacts who are looking for little ones.
4-15-16-9One by one they all loaded into the trailer.

4-15-16-10Chloe and Sassy peered out of the trailer, content and ready to see where they were going.

4-15-16-11Nivla was going to be heading to the trainer.  She had some training but needed it to be rounded out.
4-15-16-12Atlas was also going to be heading back to the trainer.  He made a special bond with the trainer and didn’t connect with anyone else.  The trainer could do anything with him, and Atlas really liked him.  Anyone else trying to ride him on a trail ride would end up on the ground.  We are thankful that he made a connection with the trainer, he is most likely a one person horse.  Atlas got ready to load up.


The drive was uneventful, but beautiful.  All the green leaves are starting to come out on the trees, making everything get a spring feeling.

4-15-16-14Atlas and Nivla unloaded safely and were led to their waiting pasture.

4-15-16-14-1Our trainer, Johnathan, wasn’t feeling good that day, he had been sick for a week, but he did manage to pose for an adoption photo.  We know that he is very excited about having Atlas back, it just didn’t show in the picture.


We were contacted recently by a Marine who has a very special story about a little donkey named Smoke.  Smoke was in Iraq when Colonel John Folsom met him.  We don’t want to spoil the story, but it’s one you will definitely want to read.  Colonel Folsom and Smokey and are now both in Nebraska.  The story of this little donkey coming to America to be reunited with Folsom is one of a kind.


The great news is, you can read the story and support our organization at the same time.  Using the special link, $2 of every sale will be donated to Horse Plus.  To order your copy, click here.


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