Oklahoma Shelter Happenings!


Today was designated to be a photo shoot with all of our adoptable equine. A full day of brushing, washing, and sheer pampering but, the weather didn’t care what our plans were. Oklahoma received 1-3 inches in just a short five hour span!

Even if everyone wasn’t looking their best I still wanted to give you an update.  Everyone has been doing amazing since their surgeries and hoof trims last week (4/11/2016.) Here is the link if you missed it! Click Here

Arrow, a female donkey a our shelter decided to ride out the rain in the barn for the most part anyways. She still ended up wet when she decided she wanted to munch on new spring grass! Everytime I see Arrow her beauty just stuns me. I hope you enjoy our short video! Click Here.


Arrow is adoptable! For more information on Arrow, click here.

Picasso decided to wait out the rain under a tree and was a little messy from the rain but, with his personality, he is always so handsome! I love to tell people about Picasso because he loves visitors.  When he sees you approaching he will ee-haw ee-haw at you almost like a welcoming bellow. He is very friendly, once you start to pet him he will inch closer so you can reach more of him to pet. What stuns me is how he doesn’t care if you touch his ears. A real work of art! (Get it? Picasso? lol) I hope you enjoy his short video! Click Here.


Picasso is adoptable, for more information, Click Here

Avatar & Dunbo have become good buddies while at Horse Plus, they spend all their time together. They ended up wanting to stay outside in the storm even when the barn was right there. It baffles me why animals sometimes just choose to stay outside in the weather when they have shelter a few feet away. After the storms they were so happy to have dry hay to eat they didn’t even care to come and say hi, they were to busy eating. That’s youngsters for you though they need to eat to grow up big and strong! Avatar and Dunbo are the youngest being 6-8 months and 1-2 years old. We are hoping to have better weather next week to take some beauty pictures of our girl and boys! I hope you enjoy our short videos! Click here.


Avatar is PENDING adoption, but Dunbo is adoptable.  For more information on Dunbo, click here.

Even though the weather didn’t cooperate I still love updating on the Oklahoma Horse Plus Shelter!

– Tiffany D ~ Oklahoma Shelter Volunteer