Horse Trailer Needed – Oklahoma Shelter

Help us get a larger trailer for our Oklahoma Shelter.  We need this trailer for an upcoming auction at the end of May.  We are counting on your support!  Donate now.

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Horse Plus Humane Society is the only Open Door Shelter for horses and we are growing. We now have 3 shelters across the United States! We are experiencing growing pains and right now we are unable to help as many horses as we could at our Oklahoma shelter.

We desperately need a large horse trailer at our Oklahoma Shelter. At this time we are borrowing a narrow 1987 horse trailer from one of our volunteers. This trailer is not sufficient for the growing needs of our Oklahoma Shelter. The trailer is rusting, not large enough to rescue more than a few horses at a time, and the roof is too short to help any horse that is over 16 hands tall. Our Oklahoma Rescue Team routinely drives over 4 hours to rescue horses from auctions where they are being sold for slaughter. After only buying a few horses they have to stop bidding because the little old trailer can only haul a few horses. It is a horrible feeling watching horses being sold to kill buyers that we could have saved, but the little old trailer could not haul any more horses.

The horses in Oklahoma are in dire need of being saved. One kill buyer in Oklahoma reported that he sends over 350 horses every week to slaughter. These horses include newborns, the old, the lame and perfect riding horses.

When we are doing large rescues or events at our Oklahoma Shelter we have to drive our 24′ horse trailer from our Tennessee shelter, which is a 10 hour drive one way. If an emergency rescue happened, that 10 hour drive could be the difference between life and death for horses in Oklahoma.

The trailer at our Tennessee shelter is a 24′ Featherlite gooseneck trailer that we purchased new in 2006. In the last 10 years it has hauled over 3,000 horses to safety and it is still going strong. In the past we have purchased used and cheaper off brand trailers, but they do not hold up to the heavy use that a trailer goes through for a shelter that rescues hundreds of horses every year. Our goal is to purchase a 20′ Featherlite bumper pull. It is the largest bumper pull they make. Very few volunteers pickup trucks can haul a goosneck trailer, and we feel it is important to get a bumper pull trailer at our Oklahoma Shelter. Buying a trailer is a huge investment and we need your help! Please Give Now – Click Here!