April – CA Shelter

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We have been very busy at our California Shelter.  We’ve attended auctions and fundraising events.  We held a Last Act of Kindness Clinic and so many horses were adopted.  We even had a visitor from our Tennessee Shelter.


Tanya was busy responding to emails and returning phone calls.  She even found time to organize pamphlets and photos for the Dreams-N-Drivers car show.


Here is Tanya working the information table at the Dreams-N-Drivers car show. Kymberly Lindenmuth invited Horse Plus Humane Society’s Ca Shelter to be honored at their event and held a fundraiser hosted by Royal Detail.  Tanya and Melissa met so many wonderful people and educated them about the work that goes into caring for animals at the shelter and what happens when horses are sent to auctions or even worse, slaughter.  It was amazing how many people are unaware that horses are still shipped out of state to slaughter facilities every day.


Melissa and Tanya were able to sneak away for a few minutes to see the beautiful cars at the Dreams-N-Drivers fundraiser. They had so many amazing cars.  This Lotus was definitely an eye catcher.


Of course the girls at the CA shelter are all about horse power and nothing says horse power like this muscle machine.  Thank you to everyone involved with Dreams-N-Drives and Royal Detail for helping us raise enough money to complete the office at the shelter.  We enjoyed meeting you and look forward to the next event in October.


Our California Shelter attended their first auction of the year since relocating to Newcastle, CA.  Merle was the only animal Horse Plus Humane Society volunteers were able to save at the auction.  Another organization at the auction was able to save a couple horses as well.  The other horses went home with people that bid well above meat prices.  Killer buyers were present but this night they went home with empty trailers.


At the second auction we rescued a couple few more animals.  These two little miniature horses kept close to each other waiting for their turn to be run through the bidding gates.  When they came through the gates we raised our hand when no one else did.  We had the first bid that was quickly followed by one of the killer buyers.  Ultimately the two mini’s were rescued and headed back to the California Shelter.


This 5 year old Toggenburg was also sent through the gates at the auction.  She was barely able to stand.  She didn’t have a single bid so Melissa raised her hand and won the only bid.  At the end the goat could not walk out on her own.  She was paddled to provoke her into moving.  When she did not move she was forcibly picked up and tossed through the gates to keep the auction moving forward.  Melissa and Dina couldn’t wait to get her home and show her kindness and love.


Melissa named the skinny goat Dollar as that was the winning bid, $1.  She could no longer stand by the time she was loaded at the end of the auction.  On the way home Dollar was offered water and food.  She quickly drank most of the water in her dish.


Dollar was taken to the vet the following morning.  She had some blood drawn and was given antibiotics and vitamins.  She was eating and drinking normally but she still could not stand.


We made a sling for Dollar so she could try to put weight back on her legs and build up her strength while we waited for her lab work to come in.  Dollar enjoyed the attention she was getting.  She especially loved her ears rubbed although I think her smile is more about grain she was just given for breakfast.


Dollar became weaker over the following days.  The vet called with the lab work and the results were heartbreaking.  We had all become so attached to her gentle demeanor.  Dollar had a crippling disease,  CAE.  There is no cure or any way to slow her advanced stage.  This is a painful disease.  Dollar was humanely euthanized to end her needless suffering.

Oreo and Butterscotch, the two mini’s that were also rescued from auction, had no problem getting along in the small critter field.  The alpacas weren’t sure of the extremely little horses in the beginning but soon they were all sharing dinner from the same pile and then moving on to the next pile.


We had a surprise visitor from Rudy the Ridgeback.  He donated 200 lbs of carrots for all the animals at our shelter.  Thank you Rudy!


Ginger was very happy to be getting adopted.  Congratulations to Ginger and Ralph, we look forward to hearing about your adventures together.


Maxwell Cash is one lucky Tennessee Walker.  He was adopted by Jeremy.  Congratulations Jeremy and Cash.


Little Oreo was adopted too.  Ann couldn’t wait to kiss his little face.  Congratulations Oreo and Ann.


Orion and Andy were surrendered just last week and both of them are already adopted.  They will be going to their new homes this weekend.  Congratulations Orion and Andy.


Do you remember Florida?  She was adopted just 6 months ago.  Her owners sent us this photo update.  Florida loves to watch the Beverly Hillbillies when her people are away from the barn.  We think this is one lucky girl.


The vet came out to help with Quality of Life assessments.  The vet checked on Andy who was really starting to have a hard time keeping weight on despite all the efforts necessary to bring it back up.  Melissa keeps really good notes to make sure she gives every animal the best chance at recovery.


Our resident horse Grey let Melissa know what he thought of his vet check and all the paperwork.


Nike had another vet check too.  He got a clean bill of health and those pesty knots from his stitches were removed.


Stormy was dumped in a remote town and left to fend for herself.  She was brought to us from a local Animal Control.  Stormy suffered many injuries and her health was failing.  Stormy entered our Last Act of Kindness clinic that was held for the public this month.  Stormy enjoyed grazing her green pasture and homemade treats mixed with carrots and apples and lots of gentle grooming.  She nickered to us while we loved on her.  We know she felt love and kindness in her final moments.


Tawnee was in California the last week in April.  Melissa and Tanya were happy to see her.  It was nice to catch up face to face.  We gave Tawnee a tour around the new Newcastle, CA shelter as she hasn’t seen it since her move to Tennessee.


Tawnee got to spend some time with long time resident Grey on the tour.  She enjoyed seeing him and looks forward to moving him to the Tennessee shelter in the near future.  Melissa was on the phone answering questions about the adoption process.


We know Tawnee and her family really miss Tennessee but they did enjoy all the California Poppy’s growing at our shelter.  This photo is straight from Tawnee herself.  Tawnee and her family are headed back to Tennessee and we wish them safe travels.


Thank you all for your support!  We couldn’t do it without you!