Tennessee Shelter Happenings

We are very excited that we are able to put the deposit down on the new trailer for the Oklahoma shelter.  Tawnee will be calling the dealer later today and getting it ordered!  We are stepping out in faith that the remaining funds will be donated for this much needed trailer.  We have $11,460 left to raise, we can do this!  If everybody donated just $10 it would be raised.  To donate, click here or to donate through Paypal, click here.


We recently got an update on a horse that we rescued in 2010.  He was in a kill buyer’s trailer, but the kill buyer decided to call us to see if we would purchase him before he shipped.  If you missed that blog, click here.   Bailee was one of the 6 horses rescued from the kill buyers trailer that day.


Shortly after he came to us we were able to find a wonderful home for him.  He was adopted and we were so happy for him.  To read that blog, click here.


We have been in contact with the adopter over the years, and were very happy with Bailee’s home.   We got a letter update from his adopter, we always love getting updates!  She sent a couple photos of him.  He is 7 years old now and is a big, beautiful boy.

5-12-16-4With the update was a letter and a donation of $1,000.  When we adopted Bailee out in 2010, we waived his adoption fee.  She wanted us to be able to help other horses like Bailey and give us something for him since his adoption fee was waived all those years ago.  How thoughtful and sweet, thank you so much Karen!


Our Tennessee shelter has been busy!  Cash and Doc, who was transferred from our OK shelter, were being adopted.  When we rescued them from auctions, one in OK and one in TN, they were both wild, ungelded jacks.  Now they are both halter trained geldings.  We are so happy for them!


At the end of April our TN Rescue Team attended an auction with the remaining funds from the April Auction Rescue fund.  Our CA Rescue Teams saved lives at 2 separate auctions, and with the remainder of the funds, our TN team was at an auction saving lives.


They rescued a 28 year old mare who was said to be injured in a trailer accident many years ago.

5-12-16-8Her front legs healed in a deformed way, making it hard for her to walk and causing her a lot of pain and discomfort.  The Rescue Team felt so sorry for her, the kill buyer was the only other one bidding on her.  Even though they knew she was not adoptable, they had to save her and give her the Last Act of Kindness.


They were also able to save a cute little Hackney pony.


The next morning our rescuers went down to pick them up.

5-12-16-11They loaded up in the trailer and soon were on their way to the shelter.


This is Willow, the Hackney pony mare.  She is in her 20’s and we were told she is trained to ride.

5-12-16-13The mare with the deformed legs is named Cherish.  It is so sad, she has been in this painful condition for so long, her owners should have done the right thing for her long ago.


One person asked “Why would you rescue a horse like this?”  No horse deserves to be shipped to slaughter!  If a horse is unadoptable, it should humanely euthanized with love, dignity and respect, not shipped to slaughter.  We put a video together of Cherish, you can watch it by clicking here.  Cherish was taken to the vet and was given the Last Act of Kindness due to her poor quality of life.


Tawnee had been out in California visiting the shelter.  When she got back she had plans for Annie and Blaze.  They were going to the trainer!

5-12-16-16  Leading them out of the pasture, Tawnee couldn’t help but smile seeing Parcey happily grazing in the pasture.  He definitely enjoys Tennessee!


Annie and Blaze loaded up in the trailer and were ready to hit the road.


At the trainer’s Annie and Blaze were a little confused on who was supposed to get out first, but they got it figured out.


They settled in to their pen and Atlas, who the trainer adopted from us, came over to say “Hi.”  He is such a pretty horse!


Nivla had been at the trainer’s and he had been working with her.  When we rescued Nivla in January she was a skinny, bedraggled horse.  You can see that blog by clicking here.

2-2-16-1Nivla’s skinny days are well behind her.  Her transformation has been absolutely amazing, and she did very well being trained too.


Nivla is available for adoption.  She is a 4 year old Tennessee Walker cross mare.  She has the fast gaited walk, but her trot and gallop are not gaited.  She has a very easy going personality and has a great foundation with lots of ground work.  She is going to make an amazing horse for someone.  Her adoption fee is $400, if you are interested in adopting her, please contact us: click here.

To watch a video Nivla and her trainer, click here.

5-12-16-23Thank you all for your support, both financial and emotional!