CA Shelter Happenings

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The week started off a little slow at the CA Shelter.  For the first time in a long time we didn’t have a single horse scheduled to come into the shelter.  We did however have several roosters on their way. This cute little Silkie Bantam cross was one of the first to arrive.  He may be small but his crow is mighty.  He wanted to let all the other critters know he had arrived.

batch_IMG_1822The friendliest rooster we have ever met arrived next.  He is a great big Faverolle.  He loves to hang out with the staff and volunteers.  Mattea was sitting outside reading and he came right up and kept her company.  It didn’t take long for him to find a home.  He will be going home with Merle.  Merle was adopted last week and this handsome guy gets to hang out at the shelter until his new coop is ready.

batch_IMG_1831We had two other Bantam roosters arrive a little later.  This little guy was curious of the camera but his little friend was still to shy for photos.  He hid under the bush until he was sure we were gone.


We took advantage of the slow intake schedule and were able to focus on training this week.  Dixie is a yearling that was born at the old Bangor facility last year.  She was adopted, but had to come back to the shelter.  She still needed some halter training as her previous adopters did not train her.


Allison, one of our long time volunteers, and Elizabeth, our trainer, got to work making sure Dixie would have a better chance at finding a new home.  It didn’t take long for Dixie to start trusting them.  She is really starting to enjoy all the attention. Dixie did so well her first few days in the round pen.  She was leading and trusting so well that she was able to graduate outside of the round pen.  She was a little nervous at first and let out a few snorts but she kept turning her attention back to Elizabeth.  They were able to walk nicely around the courtyard without incident.  We are so proud of your willingness Dixie.


Rosie the Peruvian Paso came in a few short months ago scrawny and neglected.  See that blog, click here.


We are happy to say the sad little Paso that was so scared of her own shadow is now happy to be around everyone.  She has a lot more confidence now and loves people.


Rosie has put on so much weight.  In the beginning it would take Amanda 30 minutes or longer to put a halter on Rosie to bring her out of the pasture.  Rosie now walks right up and can’t wait to start work. We knew Rosie was saddle trained in her early years and it didn’t take her long to remember how much fun it was.  Rosie has been progressing so well.  She is available for adoption.


Just a little over a month ago Nike was at Look Ahead Veterinary Services having a very aggressive squamous cell carcinoma removed.  The vet had to remove his entire right eye.


Nike’s recovery was quick and easy.  He did not seem affected at all. We are pleased to announce Nike has been adopted – Congratulations Nike!


We are still busy setting up new paddocks, shelters, pens and coops for all the animals that are brought into Horse Plus Humane Society’s California Shelter.  Our small animal pen is almost complete.  It is home to small goats, alpacas, chickens and the occasional mini horse.  We need your help to name the western themed small animal pen. What do you think it should be named? Let us know, click here.


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