Tawnee: Isn’t it a beautiful day? I think so, it’s my birthday!

Good Morning,

Isn’t it a beautiful day? I think so, it’s my birthday! It is raining here in Tennessee, but it is supposed to stop later on today and I’m hoping to go on a ride with my horse, Snow, after I get all the Horse Plus work done that I need to do.

We are currently at $9,608 toward the new trailer! In the last 24 hours we have raised $2,707! I’m always amazed how every dollar donated adds up to become such a large amount so quickly.

I shared with you all yesterday that the best birthday gift I could have is that all the funds would be raised for the trailer for our Oklahoma Shelter. I’m humbled by your outpouring of support. Your support is what makes the work of saving horses possible. I know that a donation for a horse trailer doesn’t have the same appeal that donating to save a horse at an auction that will be shipped to slaughter does. This trailer is so badly needed. There are so many horses in Oklahoma shipping to slaughter and this trailer will be the ride to safety for them.

174 donations have been made to help get this trailer. There are over 5,000 people on our emailing list. If each of them donated just a little bit today all the funds would be raised in a matter of hours.  Will you give today on my birthday, in honor of all the hard work I have done saving horses, all the hundreds of hours I have spent putting blogs together for y’all to read, in honor of the thousands of horses that will ride to safety in this trailer, that you made possible? Will you give today?

Give Now!

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  •      Donate on our website, click here, just make sure for the “Donation Reason” you say the donation is for the new trailer.
  •      If you would like to mail your donation our address is below, please note that the donation is for the new trailer.

Thanks for your support!


Tawnee Preisner
Horse Plus Humane Society

Horse Plus Humane Society
Att: Oklahoma Trailer
P.O. Box  485
Hohenwald, TN 38462