Rescue & Adoption Story

This is a special story about two ponies saved from the slaughter pipeline in Oklahoma.

It was a cold winter night when Horse Plus Humane Society’s rescue team was heading to an auction to save as many horses as they could fit comfortably into the old trailer that was owned by one of the volunteers.

When they arrived at the auction, they saw two adorable ponies.  They were both black and white and almost looked like two miniature Gypsy Vanners.  They were so cute.

The auction was very busy and hectic.  At the end of the auction the rescue team had saved 3 horses and one of the cute black and white ponies.  The old trailer was just too small to save any more. They were sad that they couldn’t get both ponies, but the trailer was full. They were hoping that the other pony was purchased by a nice family.

When the rescue team went back to the loading area they saw the other little black and white pony in the kill pen getting shoved and pushed around by the big horses.  The kill buyer was getting ready to load them all up into a huge trailer and they would begin the trip to the slaughter house in Mexico. Heartbreaking!  Something had to be done and quickly, or the cute little pony would be headed to slaughter. The rescue team asked the kill buyer if he would sell the little pony.  He said he would but he wanted to make a profit on the little pony. A check was written to the kill buyer and the little pony was taken out of the kill pen and reunited with his pony friend.

Now that the little pony was safe it was time to load up the big horses that were saved. the volunteer’s old trailer is narrow and some of the horses didn’t want to get in.

Finally the big horses were all loaded up. It was decided that the ponies might be able to ride in the trailer next to the older horse. The auction was a very long drive from the shelter and if they could figure out a way for the ponies to both be comfortable in the trailer they where going to try. To their great relief both the ponies fit with no room to spare. They wished they could tell the little ponies that they were safe and everything was going to be ok. The poor little ponies had a horrible night being pushed and shoved around by big horses and auction workers. They were so scared, you could see the fear in their eyes.

After a long drive back to the shelter the ponies, Oreo and Indian, were able to get out of the trailer. The rescue team was so happy that both the ponies were together and safe. They settled in for their first night at the shelter.

In the days that followed Oreo and Indian got lots of love and attention. They were both really sweet ponies and well trained.

One day two little kids came to the shelter with their grandparents, they fell in love with Oreo and Indian and the little kids were so sweet to the ponies.

The kids got to ride Oreo and Indian. They had so much fun and they were so cute together. Indian was such a cute pony. It was hard to think that this sweet pony was almost shipped to slaughter because the trailer almost had no room for him.

The grandparents filled out the adoption application and were so excited when they passed with flying colors. They hooked up their trailer and headed to the shelter. When they got to the shelter the kids were so happy to see their ponies! They each lead their pony out to their grandma and grandpa’s trailer.

Indian was the first one to load up in the trailer. To think that this little pony was almost shipped to slaughter because the rescue team’s borrowed trailer almost didn’t have room for him is heartbreaking.

The two kid stood with Oreo for an adoption photo before loading into the trailer with Indian. This story of Oreo and Indian could have been a lot different. It could have been only Oreo getting adopted.

Horse Plus Humane Society’s Oklahoma Shelter desperately needs a large trailer to use for auction rescues. With your help we can get a large trailer and save even more horses and ponies just like Oreo and Indian, but we can’t do it with out you!

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