CA Shelter Happenings – It’s Hot in California

Jay started the week off with clearing the weeds around the shelter.  This is just one of the many chores that has to be done to keep all the animals safe and the shelter sanitary to prevent any illnesses.  And it makes it all look much better too.


Jay finished clearing the weeds and headed over to assist Matt with leveling an area to construct one of the shelters brought down from the old location in Bangor.  Its starting to get warm out here in California.  Wednesday the temperature reached 95 degrees.


Two more shelters were finished this week and now every paddock has a shelter.  Melissa is so happy that all the horses have shelter from the elements.


While we were working on the shelters we heard a loud crash.  We all ran to find out what happened.  Little Butterscotch had caught her legs in the fence.  We quickly got her free and checked her over.  Thank goodness it was all very minor superficial scratches.  We cleaned and treated her injuries.


Butterscotch was moved into the mare motel so we could watch for swelling in her legs.  She was really enjoying all the attention from Jay, Amanda and Ellen.


Butterscotch is so small she can fit under the panels in the mare motel.  We had to set up the miniature horse panels inside one of stalls to prevent her from escaping.  She looks so small next to the big horses.


Waffle the donkey was adopted last week and his new owners picked him up early this week.  Once he was loaded into the trailer his new mom could not leave his side.  Waffle was giving his new mom kisses through the air vents for carrots.  Congratulations Waffle!


Dixie’s training this week has taken huge strides forward.  She was so happy and comfortable with Elizabeth this week.  Elizabeth was able to touch her all over and even worked on some desensitizing exercises.


Melissa was thrilled to see that Dixie was getting her feet trimmed for the first time without sedation.  All four feet were trimmed and no one was injured or scared.  Great job Dixie and Elizabeth!


It’s been a hot week in California and we took advantage of the warm weather.  Jay was cleaning out water troughs and the kiddie pool in our small animal pen.  Enoch couldn’t wait for him to finish cleaning so he could play in the hose.


Enoch and Carl, our resident Alpacas, are big fans of the water hose.  We can’t clean the water troughs without letting them play in the hose.


Enoch and Carl would like to thank all of the supporters of Horse Plus Humane Society for making their lives happy and carefree!