TN Shelter Happenings

We are currently at $11,125 towards the purchase of the OK Shelter Trailer.  We are reaching our goal, but we’re not there yet.  Please donate to help us get this trailer that is so badly needed at our OK shelter.  To donate, click here.


Back in March we shared with you about some horses Tawnee was investigating.  If you missed that blog, click here.


One of the horses was extremely emaciated.  The owners told Tawnee that they had just gotten the horse out of a bad situation and that was why he was skinny.

5-20-16-3A couple days ago Tawnee checked on the horse and he is still very thin, but is improving.  We will continue to monitor the situation.


The Elephant Sanctuary donated a pallet load of Equine Senior that they could not use.  For those that do not know, there is a very large elephant sanctuary near the new shelter location in TN.  It was expired, and the USDA told them they could not feed it to the elephants, despite the company telling them the shelf life was still OK for 18 months past the sale expiration date.  We greatly appreciate the great donation!


We have some great news!  In our last board meeting, we agreed to lease 15 acres of land (for $1 a year) that will become our main shelter location in TN.   It is bare pasture land so there will need to be lots of improvements to it.  The first improvement was marking out a road and pad for the quarantine / intake barn.

5-20-16-6After it was flagged out, Jason drove the truck and trailer on it to make sure it was easy to navigate with big trailers.

5-20-16-7Then the dump trucks starting bringing the gravel.


Tawnee had to head to our temporary shelter which is about 6 miles away.  She really didn’t want to leave all the activity, but there was something that had to be done.

5-20-16-9Coa needed to be taken to the vet for her health certificate.  The transporter was supposed to come the next day, but called and said he would be there that night instead.


Coa loaded right up in the trailer for her ride to the vet.  She is such a good girl.

5-20-16-11At the vet Coa received a clean bill of health and got her certificate for traveling.  Her coggins paperwork was already done.

5-20-16-12Tawnee took Coa back to the shelter and put her in a pen where she would be all ready for the transporter when he arrived.


The transporter finally arrived around 11:30 pm.  Coa loaded up again without any trouble. No doubt she was wondering why she had to get in so many trailers in one day.


The next morning a state away Coa was settling in to her new home.  Her adoptive mom is so excited!


Later on that day the farriers came out to work on the horses.  Peachy looks so much like Coa it’s almost as if she never left.  Peachy is one of the horses from the seizure that happened in December of last year.  Still waiting for the courts…


Updated photos of the seizure animals were taken too.  Ivy was doing her best to get Ivy to pose for the camera.

5-20-16-17This seizure saved the horses from a horrendous situation.  Three horses on the property had already died before law enforcement took action.  By then, the horses were walking skeletons.  If you missed that blog, click here.

5-20-16-18With simple, quality feed, the horses have recovered and are beautiful.  We will be sharing all of their before and after photos with you in the near future.  This horse is named Grandma, one of the oldest horses in the seizure.

5-20-16-19 Grandma has a bald face so she has a special fly mask to keep her from getting sunburned.

5-20-16-20There was also a Gypsy horse rescued in the seizure.  His trasformation is absolutely stunning.  Keep your eye out for the before and after blog about them!


Meanwhile at the permanent shelter, the tractor was hard at work clearing brush on the fenceline.


Then all of a sudden the dozer stopped.  The operator hopped out and walked in front of the tractor and looked down.  What was wrong?


He saw a little turtle in the way of the dozer, and knew it would get crushed if he didn’t save it.  He picked it up, carried it to the other side of the road, and set it free.  It’s always great to see compassion in action!


The fenceline looks great and we can’t wait to get the new fence up!


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Thank you all for your generous support!