Amazing Before and After Photos – Gypsy + 8 Case

Amazing transformations of 8 horses and a donkey that were rescued from a horrible situation.

In December of 2015 we rescued eight horses and one donkey out of the worst situation we have seen in Tennessee to date. Three of the horses had already died and the others were days away from starving to death. To read their rescue story, click here.
The horses are still in litigation in the courts, so they are not available for adoption at this time. We will let everyone know the outcome of the court’s decision. There is a lot of people interested in the Gypsy, and if you are interested in him, please wait to contact us until after the court has reached a decision in the case.  We will keep you updated on these horses.

Please enjoy these amazing transformations and don’t miss the video of the Gypsy running with beauty and strength.

  The weight was taken using a horse weight tape which is only an approximate weight.  

Amigo at time of seizure.  He is 15.3 hands, about 16 years old and weighed 969

Amigo Now – Weighs 1065 on the tape, but looks like he has gained a lot more than 96 pounds.  5-19-16

Grandma at time of seizure. She is 14.3 hands, in her 20’s and weighed 765. She was the most emaciated horse in this case.  12-18-15.

Grandma Now – Weighs 1183 on the tape, gained 418 pounds.  5-19-16

Valentine (see the heart on her side) at time of seizure. She is 14.2 hands, about 18 years old and weighed 698 on 12-18-15.

Valentine Now –  Weighs 1081 on the tape, gained 383 pounds.  5-19-16

Stormy at time of seizure. She is 14.2 hands, about 17 years old and weighed 726 on

Stormy Now –  Weighs 1115 on the tape, gained 389 pounds.  5-19-16

Grace at time of seizure. She is 14.1 hands, about 7 years old and weighed 739 on              12-18-15

Grace Now –  Weighs 1098 on the tape, gained 359 pounds.  5-19-16

 Peachy at time of seizure. She is 14.3 hands, about 11 years old and weighed 779 on           12-18-15

Peachy Now –  Weighs 1149 on the tape, gained 370 pounds.  5-19-16

Max at time of seizure. He is 15.1 hands, about 15 years old and weighed 953 on

Max Now –  Weighs 1183 on the tape, gained 230 pounds.  5-19-16

Ivy at time of seizure. She is 11.2 hands, about 16 years old and weighed 277 on
12-18-15. Ivy had to spend nearly a month in a sling until she could finally walk without collapsing. Read that story, click here.

Ivy Now –  Weighs 498 on the tape, gained 221 pounds.  5-19-16

Liberty Hill’s Lucky Seven, a registered Gypsy Horse, at time of seizure. He is 14.1 hands, 4 years old and weighed 628 on 12-18-15

Lucky Seven Now –  Weighs 1049 on the tape, gained 421 pounds.  5-23-16

MUST WATCH! You must see Lucky Seven’s before and after video – Click Here!

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