Please Read: Only $1,408 left to go – Give now!

Good Morning,

Last night we raised $904 leaving only $1,408 that we need to raise so we can get the $2,250 matching donation and all the needed funds for the new trailer will be raised!!!!  We are soooo close now!!! Together we are making this happen. 288 donations have been made and we just need a few more.  I’m counting on you!    One person emailed me and said that our site was not letting her make a donation. If you are having a problem or would rather make a donation over the phone, please email me back and let me know.

 Please, Please, Give Now!
Donate using PayPal, click here.
Donate on our website, click here, just make sure for the “Donation Reason” you say the donation is for the new trailer.
Donate on the campaign page click here.
If you would like to mail your donation our address is below, please note that the donation is for the new trailer.

I have to haul hay today but in between loads I will be updating the thermometer. If in the event we pass our goal the additional funds will be used to rescue horses from auctions.

Thank You So Much!


Tawnee Preisner
Horse Plus Humane Society

Horse Plus Humane Society
Att: Oklahoma Trailer
P.O. Box  485
Hohenwald, TN 38462