California Shelter: Rosie’s Journey

Rosie is a 18 year old, Peruvian Paso, mare.  Rosie had a one home for most of her life until a divorce changed everything.  Photo of Rosie when she arrived at the CA shelter.


Rosie had friends that grew up with her.  Pal and Bella are also Peruvian Paso’s that shared a home with Rosie.


Animal Control made contact with one of the owner’s of the horses after he witnessed Pal laying upside down and wedged between a fence and a water trough.  He was shocked at the condition of all the horses.  The owner was advised to have a vet evaluate the horses or find them suitable homes.  The owner that had possession of the horses did not want to pay for continued vet care.  The animal control officer called our shelter and asked for help.  Melissa was able to talk with second owner of the horses and she was willing to help.  She told Melissa she had not seen the horses since the separation until receiving a call from animal control.  She immediately went to check on the horses and was also shocked at how awful all of her horses looked.  She convinced the other owner that the best solution was to surrender them to Horse Plus Humane Society.

batch_IMG_9635Sadly her two friends had to be humanely euthanized at the vets recommendation.  They both had chronic conditions from malnutrition and Pal was in active liver failure.


Rosie was already a shy and scared little horse, but without her friends she started to shut down.  She was refusing meals and she could not afford to lose another pound.  She refused to let anyone come near her.

Amanda spent as much time as she could with Rosie.  She tried introducing Rosie to other horses, donkeys, goats and nothing worked.  Rosie would not bond with anyone or so she thought.


The rest of the staff noticed Rosie would perk up when Amanda was around.  Rosie would allow Amanda to catch her but the rest of us really had to work at it. Amanda spent hours each day with Rosie.  At first Rosie was scared of everything but Amanda let her know she had nothing to worry about.  They worked on desensitizing daily.


In the beginning Rosie would not allow us to touch her anywhere behind her withers.  After a lot of trust building exercises Amanda was able to touch her anywhere.


Amanda loved doing whatever she could to make Rosie happy again.  Sometimes that includes making them look beautiful too.  We love braids on her.


Rosie’s eyes became so much more alive.  She loved coming out to work with the trainer.  Rosie started eating every meal and would walk up to anyone willing to love on her.


Our staff was told that Rosie was trained to ride in her younger years but we knew a lot of work would take place before she could be ridden again.  Elizabeth worked along side Amanda frequently to get Rosie back under saddle.


Melissa was so excited that Rosie had her first bath standing nice and quiet that she put her camera down to help with the bath.  All of the neglect was finally washed away.  Rosie is finally a beautiful happy healthy horse. Melissa did manage to take a few after bath photos.


Rosie’s adoptable page was updated with a photo of a very clean and shiny Rosie along with all the progress she had made.


After the updated adoption ad Rosie had a few visitors.  Rosie enjoyed the attention of everyone fussing over her.


Linda came out to visit Rosie and they instantly made a connection.  Linda did not hesitate to fill out an application to become her approved adopter.  Tanya called Linda to let her know her application was approved.  Linda was so excited.  Tanya received several messages of all the new items being purchased just for Rosie.

0-2Amanda got the news that Rosie had been adopted.  She was very happy Rosie would be going to her new home. She was also a little sad for herself.  She knew she would miss Rosie.


Rosie needed a ride to her new home.  Amanda’s mom offered to transport Rosie so Amanda could see her new home and say her goodbyes.  Rosie had to sniff the trailer before entering and then she walked in like a pro.


Rosie, Amanda and Deanana are leaving our shelter and headed to Rosie’s new home.


Its still green in California but we know it won’t be for much longer.  Amanda and Deanana enjoyed the views on the 2.5 hour drive.


They arrived at the address provided.  Unfortunately the truck and trailer could not make the climb in the loose gravel road.  Amanda unloaded Rosie and they walked the next half mile to the destination.


They finally made it up the private road and Rosie was let out into the fenced property.  She ran around checking and smelling everything.


Amanda was only able to get a few photos of Rosie at her new home before Rosie and her new best friend ran off exploring together.


Congratulations Linda and Rosie!  We can’t wait for updates.

Thank you Amanda for making Rosie your special project.  All the time, work and love you gave her really helped Rosie thrive and make all of this possible.

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