We did it!!!!!! THANK-YOU!!!!!

Good Morning!

I can not tell you how grateful and excited I am right now! ALL the funds have been raised for the Oklahoma Shelter to purchase the new trailer!!!! I told you our need, you gave and together we all did it!!!! $16,500 is a lot of money to raise in only 36 days and thanks to y’all we did it 2 days before the deadline! There was 334 donations made to help get the trailer. Most of the donations were small, but every dollar added up to a huge amount! Together we can do huge things to help horses, if everybody does what they can to help. Y’all are amazing!!
The trailer was ordered on May 12th and as soon as it arrives at the dealer in Oklahoma, Shari will be going over to get it. I will keep you posted on that for sure!!!

THANK YOU!!!!!!! 😀


Tawnee Preisner
Horse Plus Humane Society