California Shelter: The office is getting setup & more

Our California shelter has been operating the CA Horse Plus office out of Melissa’s home.  The office building was delivered back in February but due to rainy weather and soft ground the foundation kept getting pushed back.


Matt and Jay were finally able to get the area leveled for the office.  The first few piers are in and Melissa is starting to imagine working inside. Jay had to hand level each footing while Matt put them in place.  Its so exciting to see it all coming together.


In addition to the foundation the office will have a small deck outside.  Matt and Jay did a great job making sure it was all square and the building landed perfect on all four corners. We will soon have a spot for visitors to check in and for adopters to sign paperwork. We would like to thank Dreams and Drivers for doing a fundraiser to help with this project.


Willy was surrendered this week.  He is a 17 hand thoroughbred gelding.  We have been calling him Silly Willy.  He likes to play with anything he can reach.  He adores attention and will lick you for hours.


Stephanie organized and cleaned a lot of the tack that has been donated.  After its all cleaned up what we cant use at the shelter we can take to tack swaps and auctions to raise money.


Tanya helped clean the tack when she wasn’t busy with animal intakes and phone calls.  Tanya is great at multitasking.


Last week started the dry hot spell at the California shelter.  Melissa knew it was time to get the Alpaca’s shaved.  Melissa thinks they look pretty silly without their winter fur.


Amanda was trying to put a halter on Silly Willy to take him to the round pen for exercise.  Willy wasn’t much help.  He kept his head as high as he could.  Willy is 17 hands and Amanda is 4’11”.  Willy was still no match for Amanda’s persistence.  Poor Amanda had to stand on her tiptoes to tie his halter.  Silly Willy is available for adoption.


Meet Jack, he is a Agouti Pygmy goat.  Both of Jack’s owners passed away within weeks of each other.  This left Jack all alone.  We believe Jack is about 11 years old.  He is very sweet and loves people and other goats.  Jack is available for adoption.


Mason helped move panels over to the barn.  We had to reorganize all of the panels that came down from the old facility.


Jay would stack the panels against the barn as Mason brought them over.


When the boys were done organizing the panels Jay got on the lawn mower to cut down the dry grass.  It’s only May and our California shelter is already making sure we have a defensible space for fire season.


The hens and roosters have several of their own waterers but they still love to hang out in the mare motel with the horses.  The horses thankfully do not mind sharing.


Thank you for your support!