Update: All the needed funds have been raised!

Wow, Thank You!!!!

In just a little over 2 hours all the needed funds have been raised to save and care for these 2 horses!!!!  Y’all are amazing!!! Thank you, Thank you Thank you!!!!

Here is a better photo of the stallion, he is beautiful! I’m so happy that we were able to save him.

Last year I was at a different Tennessee auction and a young registered Tennessee Walker stallion was sold off, our trailer was already full so I was not able to rescue him. He didn’t sell to a kill buyer and I was hoping for the best for him. Later I saw him on craigslist, he had stacks and chains on, they had sored him to make him do the Big Lick and were selling him as a Big Lick Show Horse. It made me sick, I wish I would of figured out a way to save him when he was at the auction.
I’m so thankful that we were able to save this beautiful guy and he was not shipped to slaughter or forced to spend his life in pain as a Big Lick Show Horse.

The other gelding is such a sweet guy and is very pretty too. He will soon know that everything is going to be ok. 🙂

Again thank you so much for pulling together and making this happen so quickly! Every donation really does make a difference! 

Ever So Grateful,

Tawnee Preisner
Horse Plus Humane Society