Oklahoma Shelter: Adoptions and More

The Oklahoma Shelter has been busy these past couple months! There is so much to update you on!
In April many of you may know that we started an ambitious goal of raising $16,500 for Oklahoma’s first horse trailer! The previous horse trailer actually belonged to Shari and throughout the years its condition has been deteriorating and was too small to rescue but 4-5 horses at a time! Long story short, because of YOU in a couple of short weeks we will be receiving the horse trailer! We are so thankful and so excited to be able to help save more horses from the horse slaughter pipeline!!

Saving for trailer

Oklahoma Horse Plus Shelter has had four adoptable horses and donkeys since March when they were rescued from the horse slaughter pipeline. As of this month THREE of our adoptable horses and donkeys will be adopted to their new homes!!You might remember Avatar the amazing blue roan colt! He was adopted in April and his new home is all the way in New York!! Avatar’s new name is Scout and is best friends with their gelding that is only one month older than Scout! He is gaining weight, growing, and is a big sweetheart!

Picasso going home

Picasso, a paint donkey, came to us scared, skinny and neglected.  At Horse Plus Oklahoma he was taken care of and treated for his afflictions and gelded. He found a special place in everyone’s heart. He would always greet you with an eehh ahhhhh eeehhhh ahhhh!!
He found a wonderful home in Oklahoma with Cynthia who has had years and years of experience taking care of horses and donkeys. She and her husband have a few miniature horses that were like family. Unfortunately, her husband became sick she could no longer take care of the horses and her husband. Her husband passed away and she was left with a void in her pasture and her heart. She has waited until now to fill the pasture with any animal. Picasso caught her eye online at adoptapet.com and with an approved adoption form she was on her way to adopt a paint donkey named Picasso. Cynthia says that Picasso is therapeutic for her. She has also been helping Picasso heal from his past neglect and from the looks of it abuse. Cynthia and her vet has found past wounds and even a plastic bead from an air pellet gun under his skin. Picasso and Cynthia have already formed a bond working on trust and respect.

Picasso and Cynthia

Finally, our third adoption is Arrow, a wonderful jenny ready for her forever home! Arrow has been with Horse Plus Humane Society for over a year now receiving medical care for her neglected hooves.
Her story is a long and painful one. Arrow first came to Horse Plus in early April 2015 with her family of two other donkeys. Arrow was rescued before she and her family was sent down the horrible horse and donkey slaughter pipeline. We knew that Arrows hooves where bad but, when the vet did the x ray we were stunned! Arrow has some separation which caused an air bubble, preventing the hoof from growing properly. The good news is, that with time, love, and care Arrow has been fully rehabilitated and ready for her new home. During this year period Arrow has learned to trust humans again and is now halter trained. May she find happiness in her new home!

Arrow going home

We also want to say a big thank you to Ghislaine, a wonderful woman we met at our Open Door Shelter in Norman, Ok March of 2016. A long time horse lover and horse advocate! This wonderful woman donated a two straight horse trailer to Oklahoma’s Horse Plus Shelter! Thank you to everyone that has helped Oklahoma’s shelter grow! We are so excited to be helping horses from neglect, abuse, and from the horse slaughter pipeline!


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Thank you for helping horses, donkeys and more!

We will be updating you on the new trailer that YOU so generously helped the Oklahoma Shelter buy as soon as it arrives!

Horse Plus Volunteer