Buckskin Mustang gelding needs help!

Hello, I know it is late, but I was notified about a horse posted on Craigslist that needed help! I have rescued horses from this man before, and most were in bad shape. I knew we had to do something to save this horse.

One of the horses I rescued from this guy was an emaciated mustang mare that he dumped at an auction in August of 2008.

A month later I found out that the emaciated mare, Sierra, had a foal that she was ripped away from.  He was too young to be separated from his mom. I was able to buy the foal and some other horses from the man and reunite the foal with his mom who was still grieving being separated from her baby. When I was there buying the horses the man said one of the horses was crazy and whispered in my ear “If you weren’t buying him I would butcher him myself.” that made my blood boil! To read that blog –Click Here.

Today on Craigslist this man had another buckskin Mustang for sale in the slaughter price range. In the ad it said “Don’t call me text me or email me with stupid questions and waste my time If you’re interested in the horse bring your money and your trailer.” It was very clear to me that he didn’t care what happened to this horse, he just wanted to make a little money off of him. Kill buyers are willing to pay for any horse in the slaughter price range and this horse needed to be saved!

This man has been reported to animal control for years but as of yet nothing as been done. I worked with our California Shelter and made a plan to rescue this buckskin gelding.

This evening they were able to save this beautiful horse.  Cisco is skinnier then he looked in the photos on Craigslist and needs a lot of help and care to get him ready to be adoptable.

I Really Need Your Help – DONATE!
Rescue Cost Breakdown

-Purchasing Him: $350
-Medical Care: $250
-Farrier Care: $45
-Trainer’s fee for training: $200
-Feed/Care $250
Total: $1,095

Please make a donation to our Rescue Fund for Cisco, I need your help to help him.

Thank You So Much!


Tawnee Preisner
Horse Plus Humane Society