TN Shelter: Update on Kali & More

We received a donation of Rain Rot – Rain Scald from Equine Safety Zone.  They wanted us to try out their product.

6-21-16-1Willow, a pony we rescued from an auction, had some real skin problems.  This was her before getting treatment with the Rain Rot spray.


After using the product, her skin is doing so much better and her hair is growing in.  It definitely works and is an amazing product.  For more information about it, click here.


Blaze was adopted!  Her adoption fee was sponsored by one of our donors.  Her new mom was so appreciative for Betsy W.’s loving gift.  Thank you so much, and congratulations to Blaze and her new mom!


Kali,the emaciated filly we recently rescued from an auction, is doing much better.  This is the photo right after being rescued.
6-21-16-4As you can see she is gaining weight.  She loves people and enjoys coming out of the pasture for her bucket of goodies every day.  We can’t wait to see her fully recovered!

6-21-16-5Star had a video taken to help get her adopted.  She is such a sweet horse and very pretty.  Look for the video on her page soon!

6-21-16-6Some of our staff went to a Rally for the Rescue trainer challenge.  It’s very similar to the Extreme Rescue Makeover events we did in California.

6-21-16-7We were sponsoring some give away items for the adopters and were very happy to be supporting an amazing event that changes the lives of rescued horses.

6-21-16-8The event was being held at a beautiful horse farm.  Tawnee was looking around to get ideas for the new shelter we are building in TN.

6-21-16-9The facility had beautiful trails and we decided to bring Samson to get a video of him to help him find a home.

6-21-16-11He is doing so well with his refresher training and is such a pretty horse.

6-21-16-12He is a very nice trail horse.  He is a 12-15 year old Quarterhorse / Walker cross, a gelding, and is looking for his forever home.  Maybe yours?

6-21-16-13Jason and Darin got to work getting the site prepped for concrete at the new shelter for the quarantine barn.

6-21-16-15Soon the concrete truck was driving up the driveway.

6-21-16-16Pouring concrete and finishing a floor is always hard work, but it saves a lot of money having our staff do it instead of hiring contractors.  This part of the barn is going to be for the special padded squeeze chute.

6-21-16-17After the concrete was cured, Jason called around for a forklift to get the squeeze off the trailer.  Come to find out it was a lot cheaper to have a boom truck winch it off the trailer.

6-21-16-18They just hooked straps around it and lifted it up…

6-21-16-19…drove the trailer out from under it…

6-21-16-20…and set it down where it belongs.  The walls and roof is going to be built around it as soon as possible.

6-21-16-21We got an urgent call about a momma cat and her kittens.  In rural TN where we are building our new shelter, there is no county shelter facility for animals of any kind.  There is a humane society operated out of someone’s home, but they only accept dogs, not cats.  Kittens are dumped everywhere, in people’s old barns, along the road, just anywhere.  It is sickening!  We agreed to help these poor cats.   Thankfully we were able to find them adoptive homes after they were spayed and neutered.

6-21-16-22It was hoof trimming time again and the old order Mennonite guys came out to trim.  They did a great job as always and the horses hooves look awesome!

6-21-16-23Thank you so much for your support!  We couldn’t do it without you.