CA Shelter: Update on Cisco and much more

Cisco is a Mustang that we found listed on Craigslist.  Melissa recognized the name and phone number in the ad.  She quickly called Tawnee knowing we needed to get Cisco out of the hands of Mike. Tawnee rescued horses from him back in 2008, to read that blog click here. Mike is well known in the area for hoarding Mustangs and not providing them with adequate care.  Animal Control has been contacted over and over again yet Mike still has many horses.


Tawnee told Melissa to go buy Cisco and bring him back to the shelter.  Tawnee got to work fundraising for him and Melissa sent someone with the money to pick up the skinny Mustang. See Tawnee’s urgent need email, click here. Cisco arrived at the shelter fairly thin and with very long hooves.  He was curious of the people shuffling him out of the trailer and into quarantine.


The vet was out the following day and said that Cisco needed to put on more weight, have his teeth floated and his hooves trimmed.  We also had a fecal count done and this poor guy is carrying a rather large parasite load.  A deworming protocol was also put in place so we can make sure Cisco has all the needed tools to regain weight and maintain his health.  Cisco’s feet aren’t the worst we’ve ever seen but they certainly make him uncomfortable.

batch_IMG_3275 2

After visiting with the vet Cisco was excited to have the halter off and not have to stand so still.  Cisco is a very kind and willing Mustang without any training.  Learning to be haltered and standing quietly will take time to become a natural thing for this gentle gelding.


Melissa let Cisco have most of the day to settle after his visit from the vet.  She went back out with him in the evening to get him started on the deworming schedule.  He wasnt fond of the idea at first but with a little patience and persistence he willingly let the syringe into his mouth.  Melissa thinks this gelding has a big future ahead of him.  She is very impressed with his willingness to learn.


Our California Shelter was in desperate need of an area to store tack and supplies for the horses.  After months of searching we found a gentleman willing to come down on his price to $250 just to help us out.  He loves the idea of what Horse Plus Humane Society is all about.batch_IMG_3440

The day we got the call that the shed was available to us happened to be the hottest day of the year so far.  It was 107 degrees and the truck is due for service on the A/C.  Melissa, Jay and his son Tieler had to drive over an hour to go dismantle and then load the pieces onto the trailer.  Jay and Tieler worked almost 6 hours in the heat taking the shed apart.  Melissa wasn’t much help so she just took lots of photos.


They finally got it all apart and loaded onto the trailer.  When they were leaving down the steep gravel driveway and trying to maneuver the trailer through the narrow opening of the fence they felt the truck suddenly jerk to a stop.  A kind neighbor had to help them get the truck jacked up and back on the road.  Thankfully there was no damage to any property.  It was a long hot day and they were all very happy to be home where the A/C worked.

batch_shed mishap

Matt was back at the shelter spreading the gravel that was donated.  The road to the office is now completed and trailers will have a large area to turn around safely.  Thank you Hazen family for the new road.


Jack the 10 yr old Pygmy was adopted and went home with his new owners. Jack is an amazing old goat,  he loves to go for walks with people.  We are so happy he found a great home!

Rusty came in a couple of weeks ago but we just learned that he is a Mustang.  He was an owner surrendered horse.  The owners had acquired him when he wandered onto their property and went unclaimed.  They had him 10 years and then were forced to surrender him when the well to their property dried up.


Rusty had his first bath and thats how we discovered the brand hiding under his hair.  We will have to shave the hair to be able to read it but at least we have a better chance at finding our Rusty’s history.  We can’t wait to find out where Rusty is originally from.


Our sweet donkey Pancake was adopted by Amy and her daughter this week and Amy sent us this update to Tanya:

These two are in love! Pancake see’s my daughter and calls for her and comes right to her. Please pass along to Melissa – she was awesome!  Thank you so much, Pancake is already very loved. Heres a quote from my 7 year old tonight: “Mommy I’ve hugged her 5 times and giver her 15 kisses and an apple already today.”
Congratulations Pancake on finding a home with a very sweet family.  We look forward to many updates.


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