Mr. Pony aka Smalls will put a smile on your face!

Adoption Update!

We received a sweet adoption update on Smalls aka Mr. Pony. His adopted Mom wrights:  “I just wanted to send an update on ‘Smalls aka Mr. Pony’……we adopted this little cutie from Melissa at the California shelter and he literally has made our family complete ❤️ We are so in love with him. His name is now Henry!

He’s doing great! He has his first appointment with the farrier next week and his feet are looking great. I have him on a hoof supplement everyday and I rub coconut oil on his hooves daily and I’m happy to say he’s free from any cracks and his feet are healing beautifully❤️

He’s getting two new friends next week, female Barbados sheep. He’s got 1/4 acre paddock under oak trees that I catch him laying under daily. And of course, rolling in the dirt.  He LOVES to be groomed and I’ll catch him closing his eyes and kind of smiling!! Overall he’s been the best addition to our family and I thank you guys so much!!!!! Samantha J.”

His Rescue Story

A young man called our CA shelter and desperately needed help with a very small pony that he was given.  This young man did not know how to care for the pony.  His friend had told him the pony was foundering and needed to be moved off pasture, so he decided to bring him to our shelter.
Mr. Pony aka Smalls, was very uncomfortable when he first arrived at our shelter.  His feet had not been trimmed in a very long time.  Ponies should not be overfed and need regular hoof trims just like full size horses. Smalls’ hooves were long and he had chipped and cracked most of them. His hooves were very tender and he wanted to get off of them frequently.
Shelter manager Melissa could hardly wait for the farrier to arrive at the shelter to help Smalls feel more comfortable. Smalls had his hooves trimmed and was a perfect gentleman.  Melissa was so happy that Smalls was able to be rehabbed.

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