CA Shelter – New Horses, Adoptions and Much More!

Our week started off with Butterscotch leaving to her new home with Shannon.  Butterscotch was rescued from auction in April, you can read that blog – Click Here

Shannon took Butterscotch around to take in her new surroundings and meet her new brothers.  She was quite a hit.  She made it known right away she was the lady in charge.


Her new brothers were captivated by her presence while she lost interest in them quickly.  She was more interested in looking for things to nibble on.


Later that same afternoon a sweet 2 year old pygmy goat named Carmel was surrendered.  He loves people and is available for adoption!


Grey supervised as Matt fixed the solar electric fence box that Grey thought earlier in the day was better suited as a scratching post.  Silly Grey.


Mid-week we had two mustangs surrendered.  Sierra and Blitz were born in captivity.  For the last 12 years they have lived together at the same property they were born on.  These two cuties love attention and are coming along nicely with halter training and leading.

Sierra came in with a nasty sunburn, that is starting to heal up nicely.  She is a little more cautious but does enjoy being groomed.

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Blitz is all about attention.  He always calls out to you when you walk by begging for a good scratch.  The vet said that he looks like he comes from Spanish bloodlines.


Lupe was adopted this week.  Here he is munching on his first meal at his new home with Donna.  He is a very happy boy.  Thank you Renea for matching up Donna and Lupe!


Andy came in back in April and was adopted shortly after.  His new mom recently sent us a photo of Andy as well as an update.  Here is what she had to say:  “Andy is a happy little pony and always first to the gate.  Boy he loves humans! It is sometimes hard to take photos because he follows me around all the time.  As soon as I open the garage door he comes whinnying up from the pasture — so cute.”


Pearl was surrendered towards the end of the week.  She is a 15 year old mustang who is still trying to warm up to us.  She leads and round pens nicely.  We were told she is broke to ride and we are hoping to have a chance to evaluate her under saddle soon.  We have high hopes for this pretty girl!  She is available for adoption.


Earlene came out and donated 4 large bales of grassy alfalfa hay.  Thank you Earlene!  Non monetary donations are always welcome and appreciated!


It was a very busy week for Melissa.  It was nice to catch her taking a break for once and getting some love from the resident therapy donkeys who appreciate all her hard work.

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