I rescued a very sad horse today :'(

Today was one of those days, no matter how long I do rescue work, seeing neglect first hand is something I can never get use to. It breaks my heart.

There is a long story behind this rescue, but I’m mentally and emotionally exhausted so I will share the whole story later.

I rescued this horse a few hours ago, he is emaciated and very weak. He is an 11 year old, registered Paint gelding.

He is so skinny it hurts to even look at him.  I drove back to the shelter very slowly, afraid that he would fall in the trailer, he is just so weak.

Thankfully he stayed standing and was able to get out of the trailer ok. He is such a sweet guy and so willing to try and do what he is asked to do.

I Googled his registered name “Aces Smokin Gun” and found photos of what he was before. He was stunning and beautiful!

In the thousands of horses I have rescued I have never rescued a horse in this bad of condition and then find photos of what he used to look like.

Seeing what he was and what he is now just breaks my heart. I believe that he can be rehabbed and I so desperately want to transform him into the beautiful horse he once was. Rehabilitating a horse in this condition takes a lot of money, time and love. I can give him my time and love, but I need your help to pay for the vet bills, feed, etc. to help him recover. Please make a donation to our SAFE Fund to help him.

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Thank You So Much!


Tawnee Preisner
Horse Plus Humane Society