Ace has the will to live!

Hello Everyone!

Aces Smokin Gun, aka Ace, is doing much better today and is not so weak. He definitely has the will to live. He has a long road of rehab and recovery ahead of him.

He really enjoyed his bucket of mash, but his stomach is so small that he can only eat small amounts at a time. He could not finish his mash.

I gave him a bath, it is really hot and humid here in Tennessee today and I thought he might like a bath. He did, he was such a good boy and stood there grazing as I sprayed him down.

After his bath I stood there looking at him.  It always breaks my heart seeing a horse in this condition.

I have the appointment made with the vet to come get his teeth done and check him all out. At first I didn’t know if he was going to make it, but after spending the day with him I feel in my heart that he is going to make it! 🙂

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Thank You So Much!


Tawnee Preisner
Horse Plus Humane Society